Question on the Elemental Chests frequency


Hey guys, I have a question about the Elemental Chests frequency (the ones that require 150 mobs).

Is the spawn rate determined by a fixed period of time between 2 Elemental Chests ? At which point there is nothing much to do apart from waiting.

Or is the spawnrate linked to the number of “normal” Mission Chests (100 mobs) that you do between 2 Elementals. If so, it then becomes interesting to gem the waiting time of your Normal Chests to get your next Elemental sooner.

Thanks !


It is believed to be random, thus the more wanted chests you complete, the greater chance you have of getting one


I don’t believe there has been official word from the Devs on this. I do know that I used to get them with more frequency when I filled my monster and hero chests daily.


I’m not sure sure of the randomness. It seems like several of my allies all get a chest within a day of each other. It’s happened a few times, could be coincidence I suppose, but IMO there’s more to it than just complete RNG.


Can I borrow your coincidence? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a chest. :confused: