Question on Switching Alliances

I have being playing the game now for a couple of months and joined my current Alliance at the first oppotunity. It is quite a casual alliance and a fair few of the members are not very active (if at all). I am regularly in the top three for cups and titan battles but we are only fighting 3* and 4* titans.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not critising the leader or alliance, it’s the way they play and there are no real demands on members. Ideal for a new player but I am looking to switch so that I can battle higher titans. The is not if but when.

Obviously if I move to a new ‘higher’ alliance, chances are I will be lower down the pecking order and there will most probably be more heavy hitters taking the top slots in the titan battles and therefore looking at B and possibly C level loot rather than the A+ and A level I am currently getting.

So my question is… is B/C level loot on 5*/6*/7* titans on average better than A+/A level on 3*/4* ones?

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Yes. If you continue to advance you will move up to a higher rank over time. The loot gets much better as you move up the titan star ranks.

Yes the strong the Titans the better the loot chances… notice I said chances cuz it’s still random but you’re still better off fighting stronger Titans

Thanks Guys

I figured that would be the case but wanted to check. If it was on par then I would stick where I am and rank up a bit more.

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Thanks. I’m gonna see out the AW but I may look you up.


There is a thread where the loot tiers are described.

I think for a defeated titan its: titan grade + C(0) / B(1) / A(2) / A+(3).
So, A+ at 4* titan is loot tier 7 (4+3), same like B at 6* (6+1).

To describe loot as better is to miss how titan loot seems to work.

The tier you hit (see reply above re A, B or other plus titan level) assigns you the number of rolls you get. Ham is one roll iron another up through farmable mats and then unfarmable mats ro gems.

There is a more cogent explanation in the forum, but what your concern should be is how many spaces arw filled in your loot box.

After that, quality is not dependant on the score. A lower score in the same tier may get a sturdy shield while the higher score in the same tier might get a dragon bone.

Some data I’ve seen suggests that there’s roughly a doubling of rare mat drops by raiding you Titan level by 2. So it’s definitely worth either changing alliances or galvanizing your alliance to do better, weeding out the low performers and recruiting better.

I’ve hit titans up to 9*…the drops suck no matter what titan level you hit. Stick to 7* and under to make it easier to finish and the loot is basically the same. Small Giant has made the drop rate so low that the higher level titans won’t give you much of a chance to get anything. It’s all luck. If your alliance is getting stale or boring then why waste your time.

The goal you should go for is to get to Titan Loot Tier IX or 9 which is only available from 6* and above. You have to be A+ on those 6* though. Try an alliance that killls 5-6* titans and if you can consistently rank A to A+ then move to the next one.

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Thats useful to know. Cheers

Again thanks all for the advice.

@Zarsten I will have a hunt for that thread.