Question on strong vs weak colors

The question has come up in our alliance. I know the chart says fire beats nature, nature beats ice, ice beats fire. So does that also mean nature is weakest against ice or is ice weakest against ice? And what im getting at is if you put a red tank for example is it better to flank with blues or greens?

Green strong for blue weak for red
Blue S for red W for green
Red S for green W for blue
Yellow S for purple W for yellow
Purple S for yellow W for purple

Red tank - green flanks etc.


Ok…that clears it up. I was wrong…lol

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Thanks for asking the question… My thinking was wrong too :wink:

Same color against same color is neutral, which is still much better than the weak one.

Holy and dark are neutral against fire, ice and nature. Vice versa fire, ice and nature are neutral against dark and holy.

Maybe somebody can add some percentages to make it a little bit comparable.

My guess is if we set neutral to 100%, weak will be 50% and strong 150%.

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Careful… this is true for Red, Green and Blue, but not for Yellow and Purple.


Yes, you’re right.

Is dark as weak against dark as blue against green or are there differences?

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This thread should have everything you need:


When I 1st started playing I visited this post again and again. It was extremely helpful.