Question on specials - Are they sensitive to elemental strength/weaknesses?

Hey guys, I’m not sure on this and don’t have any heroes of different colours to check for myself.

Basically, I’m wondering if an attacking heroes special is subject to the same strengths/weaknesses as tile damage is?

For example, let’s say the enemy has a boldtusk tank… would grimm’s ramming pulveriser be greater than tiburtus’ pulveriser? (Given blue is strong against red And purple is neutral, also ignoring the fact that Grimm has a higher attack rating)

Or phrased another way, would it be better to fire off a purple special against any colour other than purple (and especially better on a holy hero)

I hope this makes sense…

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No. Unless the Special text says otherwise (some do more damage to a specific color), the specials cause the same damage, no matter the color of the target.


It’s also worth noting that elemental-defense-modifying buffs and debuffs do affect specials of that color. For example, if Kashhrek has his fire resistance buff on, Kelile’s fire special will do less damage to him than normal.


Perfect explanation. That’s why G. Jackal + Joon is such a useful and strong combo.

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ok cool. I was wondering about that cos I thought that was the case with kashrekk…

So on the other side of that, would attacking enemy with panther, making those three weak to dark attacks significantly increase the impact of tibs pulveriser?

Ah perfect.

Sorry. I started my next post before I saw that answer.

Thanks so much for the responses guys!


On some titans I run double jackals and sometimes fire the second while the first is active. With a defense down that second shot can do 1000+ damage on a purple and if Wu hits I’ve seen over 1500 if active, plus reset the defense down 4 turns (and by then the other guys ready).

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One more interesting thing to note is for Delilah, when her minions attach to a hero they take their %attack and %health from Delilah herself but when the individual minions attack monsters or other heroes they actually take on the elemental attribute of their host hero so actually do double damage or reduced damage based on the element of their hero vs the element of the enemy. Just a little tidbit to broaden your E&P knowledge.

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