Question on recent quality of titan loot

Would love some help

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Please post your question. :slight_smile:


Myself and other alliance members are noting a drastic decrease in the quality of items received from Titan kills regardless of size if Titan or placement of member attacking, as I am typically top 3. Rarely are ascension items received that are listed to only be received at this event, wanted missions, etc. We all have several 4* & 5* heroes that we are unable to ascend due to the lack of materials. What ate the plans, if any, to increase the Quality of Titan loot, especially for members who score in top 3 of attacks?


Also, want to thank you all for the improvements with the latest update.!

Actually, placement in a titan has no bearing on quality of loot directly. Placement determines tier which does 2 things
1 impacts the amount of resources given. The higher the tier, the more ham/iron
2 the higher the tier, the more ascension rolls you get (currently appears that tier IX is where you get 3rd roll). The more rolls, the better chances of the rare ascension loot


Sorry to sound pessimistic on this topic of loot but nothing in E&P seems to have any logic or bearing these days.
Imho I wouldn’t worry too much, as finally any thread on this forum culminates with this typical message, “Keep on praying to the RNG gods of E&P and hopefully someday you will be blessed too”
And I guess that is all we can do, Like all the optimists and lucky ones out there keep saying regularly :grinning:

Now not to divert from the topic of this thread, please find below my pics of today’s tier IX loot from a 8* TITAN kill. Make what you want of it. Obviously I was not blessed by the RNG gods today lol


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I am fairly confident you get a better chance at 4* ascension loot at say loot tier X vs. V, and not just from number of ascension items dropped.

I would assume the same may apply lower to the 3* loot as well. I do know my main which typically fluctuates between loot tier X and XII depending on titan color, had a markedly higher frequency of rare 3* drops than my alt which was generally loot tier V-VIII, substantially more than 1.5x than expected for the additional drop.

Small sample size though.


And due to 3 rolls vs 2. You’d expect better results over time as you have a 50% increase in ascension drops.
Imagine 1 person with 100 ascension drops vs a person with 150. Who do you think is more likely to have rare loot?


Grin, you beat my ninja edit! Yeah 50% higher rare by drop count, but my rate was higher than that though I wasn’t tracking it well… easily 2x though just looking at some napkin math numbers.

That said small sample size and without a massive data acquisition project (which realistically we’ll never get) it’ll never be really truly known.


Wow! Strong ropes for all three of the ascension slots. That’s just cruel and unusual punishment!


Lol you beat my edit too :joy::joy::joy:


Hah, cruel yes, unusual… well this was from a few days ago :).

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99% of my loot is exactly like the ones posted recently. And I am usually tier 8-9.


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Yeah yeah, rub it in Coppersky :grinning: jus kidding.
That titan loot today was the worst I got so far on a higher titan kill. Guess there is a first time for everything. Hope it is the last though :sunglasses:

For all the effort one puts in, I seriously wish SG drew some baselines for the higher tier loots and created some kind of thresholds below which things can’t go bad.

I naively thought, the higher the titans probably little more guaranteed are the quality loots but Oh well I guess what Revelate posted proves things can be worse on even a 10* kill. This makes things a bit gloomy overall and again goes to show everything is in the hands of RNG gods lol

Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow. Goodnight all.


Actually higher titans do bring more ham and iron for what it is worth.

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It’s nice they at least provide strong rope to hang yourself on. My alliance manages to beat 4* and 5* titans, so I almost never get anything from VII tier loot. Have one 4* fully ascended. It’s very frustrating.

I believe there is an increasing chance to get loot for every tier. It is not just the amount of rolls that matters.

You could assume 3 rolls give 50% more loot than 2 rolls. But then you are presuming that the chance for an item per roll stays the same. I doubt it does.

For example if chance for 3* ascension item was 10% per roll on 2 rolls, it might be just 7,5% per roll next tier that has 3 rolls. Still giving you a bigger chance to score one, but not 50% better. I suspect it works somehow like that. Would be ridiculous if loot chance would be the same for all tiers <9 and >=9 just because one has 2 rolls and the other has 3.

I have gotten mostly tiers 11-13 on titans for months now and I have loads of 3* ascension items. More than 50% of my kills give a 3* ascension item, sometimes 2 or even 3. The 4* items are really rare though, even at those tiers.

You need to get to higher level titans to get more ascension items. It is a long process. You need items to ascend the heroes, to make them stronger, then you can beat stronger titans and get more items to ascend some more and then kill even stronger titans for even better items. Wouldn’t it be boring if you could just max every hero in a month.

You can always buy packs from the store that give ascension items, if you want to progress faster. Still that has limits too.

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You’re correct that 50% more rolls does not reflect 50% more high level items. Buying still holds true that over time, 50% more rolls will give more high level items

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You’re getting darned lucky then bud: given I’m killing the same titans, and roughly the same tiers as you (though it’s been a bit since I got XIII and blue titans I suck horribly on) and I’m not getting anywhere close to 50%, including having gone weeks with no drops.

Or I may be getting super unlucky too with the RNG, that’s plausible too.

Hah wow, we’re basically twins on our spreadsheet tracker for average hits, so my handwaving suggestion we’re roughly the same tiers has some merit:

Revelate 23172
Arien 22584

Maybe we should try tracking it for a bit even if it’s really not possible to get enough data on this one.

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Just saw an old thread with lot of posts talking about “bad titan loot”. And here we are at it again. Makes me wonder if things haven’t improved since then or is it all relative to times lol
Maybe we should merge this thread to that one to keep the discussion continuous. Just a thought. Your call @Coppersky

Still getting bad Titan Loot?

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