Question on Ninja Tower/Challenge Event Scoring

The images from the left are from my first Ninja Tower and the ones on the right are from the current event. How is that going 1.1 seconds FASTER results in a time bonus that is over 1,000 points LESS?

I have this same experience documented in the monthly Challenge Events. @Guvnor @Uclapack Any insight how this can be? I know going “too fast” can hurt the match bonus, but how can too fast get to less time bonus?!


I’m guessing a tweak to the formula. If that’s all, it should be okay. If it’s not, then this could be a bug.

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Thanks. I don’t think it is a change to the formula as I have video proof of the same thing happening in the same weekend during a challenge event.

Timer doesn’t stop until after the entire victory image sequence has finished.

The two “victory” screenshots are taken at different times in the animation… From the looks of things the one on the left is near the end of the animation while the one on the right looks like it’s only just popped up.

The full animation takes 2-3 seconds so the end time on the right SS would be ~26 seconds.

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I took both images when I saw the timer stop. There was no more counting going on. :slight_smile:

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