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This is a simple question that I will proceed to complicate! If, for example, I have a 4* hero that is totally ascended but I just got the 5* of my dreams and the only option I have for keeping him is to use the 4* to level him up. Will I get the benefit of all the 4* points or will I just get points that would come from a first level 4*. Lordy, I hope this makes sense and one of you brilliant players out there can provide me with an answer. Thanks in advance!

no. do NOT do that. you will regret it.


You will only give a tiny bit of the 4* hero’s exp. It isn’t worthy to feed leveled heroes (expecially ascended ones).

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Do not do it, you do not get the XP back, you need every maxed 4* you can get, forget about that 5* for now.

What do you mean by “only option”?


Don’t do it, end of story. Only 4* and above you should be feeding to your other keeper heroes are your triplicates. Id at least level all my 4* and above in doubles for AW.

I ate all my 3* except for special event 3* since 3* are completely useless less your a whale. 3* monthly events are a waste of your time less your a whale or really lucky so their is that.

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Don’t EVER feed your 4*. As @Dante2377 and @FraVit93 said, you will not gain much and regret like hell afterwards. Take your time to up your 5* and see if you have the mats to fully ascend him/her.

@FraVit93 you finally found me :smiley:


And you found me aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL I love the shocked responses on this thread

“No! NO!!!”

Another “pro tip” : don’t feed your 1* hero 5* heroes for lunch :rofl: although I would like to see someone do that

Technically if you feed 10x 4* 4.70 to a Grimm 4* 1.1, you will get a Grimm 4* 4.70. But you will lose 60x 3* non-farmable ascension items.

If you feed 22x 4* 4.70 to a Magni 5* 1.1 , you will get a Magni 5* 4.80. But you will lose 132x 3* non-farmable ascension items.

*This is an approximation.

Once a hero is 4* 4.1/ 5* 3.1 ( 3* ascension items used ), spent the gems to get more hero roster slots, don’t feed them to another hero.

Someone has done that, there’s a video. They fed a full roster of leveled 4* and 5* to a bunch of 1* heroes as a triumphant exit from the game lol

Yeah I saw that but I thought that was someone on beta. Got a link? Forgot where in the forum that was

Someone in beta did that as well. No I don’t have the link, I saw that months ago on this forum. I think it might’ve been Mai but don’t quote me. She wrote a comprehensive guide on optimal farming, and decided to quit the game for some reason.

Ok, you CAN do this, but I would not recommend doing this. It results in lost resources as you don’t get the same benefit as if you had taken all of the feeders used to train up the 4* and had fed then directly to the 5*. You lose experience doing it that way. Besides, then you only have the 5* and not a 4* and a 5*.

This game is about patience. Be patient, farm for feeders, use your TC to produce more feeders and train the 5* up that way. You can do a search for my Leveling guide here in the forums. Just do a search for my name “Censure” and the link to the leveling guide should come up.

There is a question left unasked of OP: Why is there no other option?

Save your 4*, cheap to buy additional hero slot.

Why would feeding an 4* be the only option to keep the 5*? If you are running out of slots, save your gems and expand hero capacity.

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ARGH. I KNEW I would complicate my question. Disclaimer: I have NO intention of doing it!!! I was just curious as to the results. A couple of you didn’t panic and saw through to my intent giving me the information I soight. I absolutely love you guys - so many warnings to not be stupid!! Thanks everyone.

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I asked that see above, OP why is that?

I guess that was the complication.


Maleficnity or however you spell it. Used to be in 7D way back when. Awesome player, well respected by many that know him

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