Question on impacts of strategy on future alliance war matchmaking

Hello all, question on efficacy of alliance war strategy…

Our alliance floats around 2,000th place and we are fine with that but are looking to develop our war strategy if there is truly any reason to. Wars are fun and we would like to win more than we lose. We are at just about exactly a 50% win rate over the last 60 wars.

In essence, I am considering adopting a more careful, disciplined strategy that requires alliance members to be even more particular than they are right now about when they take their hits and against whom. It will undoubtedly create inconvenience but would also undoubtedly allow us to do better.

My question is this: will matchmaking just catch up to us? Will we just be put up against harder and harder opponents due to our strategy success and go back to 50/50 average after a couple wins? Any input appreciated on this from players who have either experience with this or knowledge of this.


I’ve been playing in alliances between 700 and 300 with moderate levels of strategy and basically, yes, the system is designed to prevent long winning streaks.

I don’t think it’s impossible to put together a lot of wins, but with the limits of rosters and the randomness of the boards the most likely outcome is a couple of wins, a couple of losses, rinse and repeat.


We have a full alliance. Our war strategy is organic, players fight when they can. We target the weakest teams for re-spawn but often clear the board before they re-spawn. We almost always use all of our flags.We’ve collected data on 294 wars and our win percentage always stays around 55%. Our war score is approx 100k.

As @JonahTheBard states, the system is designed to avoid long winning streaks. If we win two in a row we expect to get a tough opponent. If by some chance we win 3 in a row (usually because the opponent leaves flags), then we expect to get severely punished!

I think the main thing is for you to develop a war strategy that works for your members. Strict time rules often just frustrate players who may end up leaving flags, due to their sleep/work/life commitments.

If you can get all your members to use all of their flags, that’s really the only thing that may count between a win or a loss. If you get your win percentage to around 55%, you’ll be doing well, In my opinion!


Yeah we normally win 3 In a row then the next one we lose which happened today. Was a close war had 9 flags unused but they had 6 we took the lead hour before it finished but they had people just waiting to attack and got the lead back.
Try things gradually maybe all the same colour tank.

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