Question on hero academy train rare troops

When I train RATE Troops level 6 Hero Academy is there a reason I get a 1 star troop which I consider to be a common troop? Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution?

I’ve been running HA6 for a few weeks now and I think if you’re pulling anything other than 3 star troops, then that’s gotta be a bug.

I kept track of my first 200 HA6 training and I got:

  • 46.7% one star
  • 43.7% two star
  • 8.6% three star
  • 1.0% four star

So, yes, the vast majority will be 1 and 2 star trainers.

Edit: I mistook HA6 and HA7, so this was about trainers, not troops.

Seems the DEV’s would have programed “train rare or lower”. Rather confusing to think you are getting rare with the time and materials to pull lower. Going to keep track from now on as well. At least now I don’t think I’m crazy!

HA6 is always 3* troops for me. I have been running it since September

Are you sure you’re not looking at HA7 which is “Train Trainer Heroes”?

HA6 will always give a 3* Troop.

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Yep sure it’s HA6. Just trained 1 on HA6 and will carefully look at the pull when complete. Now starting to keep a written record, which should resolve any mistakes my eyes may have made during a quick claim.

I thank all for your input with my question. I’m not a gamer but enjoy playing. I know I miss alot of strategies but play for fun.

Yeah, whoops, my bad. Clearly didn’t drink enough coffee yesterday. :wink:

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