Question on allience group rewards


AW’s and titans both involve allience team work, allience team strategy.

Without teamwork in these you get nowhere.

Why is that the rewards are so different per member with mostly always the same members getting ascension items and the same not getting anything worthwhile.

I understand the simpliest answer here is “that’s the RNG system” I get that but even an RNG had settings, programs as I know for a fact that an RNG doesn’t decide what the games does, it’s the programmers that program the RNG that decides what it does, (drop rate, what level gets what percentage, amount/which/when mats etc etc).

Why can’t it be made so that every player gets a mat if mats are involved in that reward, ever if they are different level mats at least it’s a mat.

The reason for this question is I/we in our allience constantly see the same 2 or 3 members continuously get titan flasks, epic tokens, mats, coloured chests etc just to name a few and yet others get rarely anything at times at rates of 10 to 1.

Our allience is a very active one where every player is on daily to a few times a day so saying it may depend on how often they play doesn’t answer the question.

These same players that keep getting the bonus rewards are not necessarily stronger as 2 of them are weaker then myself.

I for 1 as others in my allience do every task set in the game daily, filling monster chests daily, fighting titans daily, doing all AW’s, every event etc etc and yet most of get nothing for our loyality when others get it handed to them.

NOTE; This is not a complaint but but a QUESTION.