Question... is this a bug?

We playing like 100 days in the same alliance and war…
The results are very diffent… is this a bug?

One is 100% and the other way off…

Yes, this is probably bug

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Is that saying a 766% participation rate? Man whoever that is gives WAY more than a 110%.


And what does it means?

Its a bug. I was making a joke about people who use the expression “giving a 110%”.


I started a game in the advanced Santa quest. After using 12 world energy to start the game seized up, with neither the monsters or round 1 sign showing. After 1 minute the game restarted and I lost my 12 world energy token. This happened 26 minutes ago around 6PM GMT on December 27th 2018. I expected the game to continue without restarting or have all my tokens restored since I had not made a move.

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