Question/ idea about world energy

Hello there,

Soo i’m playing this game for more than a year right now and i’m pretty much maxed on all buildings but really low on crafting materials (even when farming all the time). My question is - why there is no 50% reduction on world energy consumption even for premium (VIP) players [kinda p2w idea but game creators have to be happy too xD]? This would be nice because you would be able to Craft more more stuff /level your Heroes/account faster or even participate in events more often.

Any thoughts?

Sorry for my englando but i’m not so good at it anymore :smiley:

Have a nice day guys :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because this will give you an outrageous advantage over the F2P fellas… when everybody has the same possibilities isn’t it more fun? :wink:


Since they added premium it’s already different compared to normal players but as i said, devs have to be happy so they can’t give someting like that for free unless they give it to everyone (someting like double loot bonus for a week/weekend etc)

P2p have that advantage already by paying for world energy refills while f2p/c2p scrounge around saving gems for summons

It would break the game to give x amount of players a substantial amount more farming at very little cost while other players get much more limited farming

Also it would decrease the value of everything you farm for. Heros from a lot more players would be more rapidly leveled, high cost battle items would be more frequently used, event scores would increase tremendously amongst a wider group of players making competition for all that much harder, etc etc etc

100 gems per refill makes the most sense in that regard

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