Question.... How does someone who's been playing 2 months have 10 + 5 star heros?


On the Facebook tips page a guy brags and shows pictures of his double digit 5 star heros accumulated in just 2 months. How is that possible?


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Money and probably lots of it. I think he might have hard time leveling those. :wink:



The great poet Nelly wrote a song about this phenomenon. It has all the answers you are seeking.


Okay I understand money… But what about the odds? I did a 10 times pull once and ended up with 7 3 stars and 3 4 stars? Do people really spend that kind of money?


Yes they do. There are some who spent well over 1000 dollars a month on this.


That’s amazing… :scream:


There are people that spend over a thousand dollars a month and still don’t get the heroes that they were aiming for


The heroes don’t surprise me but the ascension mats are harder to come by. That person must be extremely lucky and/or have spent a lot of money.


Money my friend sg is good at sucking u in


M1nd how much money have you spent?


And how many years you’ll need to ascend them too…? :confused: Not worth at all to pay so much…


I dare not say in fear my wife finds out lol;)


Ill be finished with my second 5 rainbow in a week or so and have half the items to start my third but I skip chests so very lucky with my acention items


I dont mind contributing to something that keeps me busy all day my job very slow during last year of road construction so to me its fun and I only use tips from customers I own mechanic shop keeps me 100 brown nose lol so my situation allowed me to donate more than others


Wkwkwkwk… money and lucky i think :slight_smile: