[Question] Forge and Frost Shields or best Battle items for use in last year’s Winter event ( Updated with link to another topic )

[Question] Forge and Frost Shields or best Battle items for use in last year’s Winter event

Rumors say this year’s Winter event has two 4* ascension items as a reward and has Frost Shields like last year.

I now have a rainbow 4* 4.70 team and several rainbow 4* 3.60 teams unlike last year and a Level 20 forge.

What items should I be forging to help with Frost Shields on the board ?

Edit 2018-Dec-05

A very good reply using 4* heroes from training camp and Forge level 17.

Time to forge Super Mana Potions, Dragon Attack and Bomb Attack ( as I already stock Axe Attack ).

I wish there was a way to store iron like you can store food and recruits in Legendary training.

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I had 5 super mana, 5 time stops, 5 tornados, 10 minor cure pots.

I used one tornado. I had boldtusk, wu, ares, hel, Wilbur.

I went into the fight fully charged from last battle.
Used Wilbur, then bold, then ares, then hel, then wu.
Then blew up mother north.

When hels mana block ran out I immediately used a tornado (board was bad or I’d use the super mana instead) hel was charged and used her in Santa again. Redid buffs and went tile crazy on north… she died then I killed buddy cause he’s weak then I killed Santa.

I used 1 tornado.

The reason I stacked up so much is because I lost 3 fights in a row w my normal hodgepodge of items arrows, axes, banners, cure pots… those fights weren’t even close… and I used my main 5* event atk team at the time kiril, Hansel, ares, hel, drake.

You basically need to keep mother north locked down and never let her cast or it’s game over.

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