Question for top players...what is you typical cup "floor"?

Greetings all,

I was just wondering where higher end players cup totals tend to bottom out? Not necessarily if you left the game for a week, but more when you log in for the first time during the day. I seem to be around 2500 or so with a defense of Evelyn, Domitia, Kunchen, Gravemaker and Joon. I know I’m slowly getting up there. Also wondering if the best of the best can typically get back into the top 100 just by going 6 for 6 on raids to start the day off?

Any feedback is much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have a decent offensive team, getting in the top 100 off of 6 flags is not hard to do.

It’s the defensive team that determines how long you stay there.

Keep this in mind. No one will stay in the top, and all it takes a lucky board by some random player who is ranked 38612 with a 3800 power team to make it happen, especially overnight while you sleep, and wake up to -183 cups

They will color stack on your tank and -poof-…cups gone


Oh ya, I get all that. Im just curious what a typical cup number after being inactive over night for a top player is. 2600, 2700, higher? My offense is deep and versatile enough to go 5 or 6 for 6 against all but the very best of the best teams. But obviously starting at 2500 won’t get you into the top 100 by merely going 6 for 6 :slight_smile: Also I remember the first time I got into the top 100, went to bed and then woke up -383 cups or something like that lol.

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Maybe @Uclapack, @Dator, @Xero786, or @Avicious can provide some insights. They’re all friendly and well-ranked players, and likely chat with other well-ranked players enough to have a sense of what’s typical. :slight_smile:


I usually go to sleep sitting at around 2800 cups and wake up to around 2600. I fill my chest get back into top 100 in the morning and then go to work log back in after and I’m usually back to 2600 again.


I tend to comfortably stay in the 2610-2660 range (if lots of raids happen, can go below). I can generally get up to the Top 100 anytime I choose, but you almost immediately get attacked, so it depends on my time whether I do so or not.


Even the best teams can’t hold much above 2600 if they’re offline for long periods. If we’re talking names you’d recognize, then if anything they’re at a disadvantage because people want to raid them more.

That said, top players are much more likely to be super active…

I just went on vacation and came back to ~2650 cups after 3 weeks of no raiding. My team is definitely not as good as some of the top players, but at least nobody will go out of their way to raid me. People probably reroll less against popular players.


I only raid when my raid chest is active. You will see me get to top 50 but drop to 2500 - 2600 overnight. No defense can hold top 100 anymore.


Are you or UCLA noting low power teams that are emblemed up attacking more often? I’ve definitely been seeing it a lot in attacking raids. Usually they are defense teams that are easy to revenge, but it takes time I don’t always have.

Either that or there are a lot more cup droppers than I used to run into.

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2550/2600. That is the floor


Thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

When I fill my chest I only do revenges. It’s tough to say what power they are. I dont care if they have 2800 cups or 2000 cups I’ll revenge. I mostly see 5* they are emblems. Havent seen too many 4* emblemed

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It depends very much how many cups you can reach.
If you can brake in the leaderboard, you can expect to drop down much more of your floor.

I’m a cup dropper, and i usually stay on 2400/2500 or so. But if i brake in the leaderboard this happens:

That’s from yestarday, but it happens everytime.
As you can see is a matter of minutes, not even hours and i went down to 2200

If i don’t break on the leaderboard, much more people simply ignore me, so if i have to fill a raid chest i simply avoid to go up there.


My cup floor, with this defence team averages about 2560.
I can break into the top 10, then when the revenge raids come in, and the extra attacks from being an open target arrive, i will normally lose around 250 cups.

And settle back at 2520-2560 range.


Not sure if I am a top player, but I make it to top 50 often enough to answer, lol.

My cup floor is around 2500, except when I raid myself into the top 100, then I usually fall to just above 2400, I don’t have any of the top tanks, so it’s just regular 5*s. It is very rare for me to fall back to platinum, and if it happens, it is usually my own doing (half awake revenges going not very well :wink: ).

I’m just here to learn from the pros listed above :slight_smile: @Dator @Uclapack @Xero786


See, the difference between top players who have answered and an average player like me (level 37 player with only 5 maxed 5stars) ain’t big. When I raid I will rise to around 2700, getting in top 200-300 (twice in top 100) and drop back to around 2500 when I stop raiding between chests, sometimes below 2500, but I haven’t gotten kicked out of Diamond since forever

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Typically 2550-2650 when I have been out for some hours. I have been raided to top 100 a couple of times, but then cups have dropped rapidly again.

My floor seems to be around 2500. On a good raid day, I can crack the Top 5 but rarely stay there for more than 15 minutes, if that.

I’m usually around 2600 when I’m not goofing around with my defense


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