Question for the community - How many of these new 4* and 3* heros from the various new quests have folks leveled and found useful?

For me a lot of the 4* I get from recent seasons/events are just sitting around unleveled or only partially leveled because I’m picky about who I burn mats on. Sergei is the exception he’s great. The 3* are cheap so I generally end up leveling all of them while I wait on 5* mats.

@Owzat Eventually, I will probably level all of these just to have something to do! But Poppy and Griffin are obvious selections. Anastasia makes sense as well! I’m a creature of habit! I tend to use a lot of the same mono teams for quest and events unless there is a specific advantage for a given event to use one hero over another. At the end of the day, I just want to finish in the Top 1% (worst case, Top 5%) for the rewards! :wink:

D’Andre is one of the best healers in the game, period. I have him LB’d and he is often last to die if things go wrong, and his defense flip is a perfect counter for Morel, Finley and Frigg.

Bertulf is now my go-to guy for titams (14*). I used him on the alliance event and he helped me get to to top 7k. I much prefer him to Ranvir and he is easier to use than Sergei.

Ferrant seems really, really good. I love the passive mana control that buys the rest of your team time. Here is one super passive team I have put him in that seems quite effective.

Ametrine is pretty decent for a dispelling hitter but at the moment she doesn’t fit into any of my teams.

I dont have C Frank but he seems like a very capable mini Skadi that if emblemed and LB’d might even be on par with her

Sergei is obviously good for yellow titans and a good general booster but as mentioned I prefer Bertulf for that

@Yeomen42 while I agree with you about leveling Bertulf, I doubt I’ll take him up against titans as I replaced Wu awhile back from my titan team after pulling Guardian Gazelle! I will level Bertulf and add him to my list of useful heros for quests, events and tournaments!

Thx for the input! :wink:

Excellent feedback @sleepyhead! I added your suggestions to my list!

  • Knights - Ferant, Wren, Aderyn, Bertulf
  • Ninja - Ametrine, Sapphire
  • Morlovia (Costume)
  • Magic - Anastasia, Sergei, Anton
  • Underwild - Griffin, Mack, Tettukh, Zila Lei, Poppy, Helo, Gramps
  • Starfall - Marcel, D’Ande, Whacker, Candy
  • Slayers - Maeve, Noril

How many Antons are you going to carry on your roster? I typically will not carry more than 2 of any 4* or 3* hero with the exception of the “superstars” list Boldtuck, Rigard, Gullinbursti, etc.!

I’ll need to play some with Candy. Her special is different from most heros.

Please let me know about cFrank. I’m interested in his viability.



I agree with you both @Eldente, @Lomnen and @Fockified! Griffin and the other heros in the list all look quite strong! I have a solid roster of leveled 5* heros (50+), so I doubt I’ll use them in my war or raid teams. But they will do well in the different tower events with the lower levels. The quests, events and tournaments are where they will really shine for me!

Added a couple of more to my list!

  • Knights - Ferant, Wren, Aderyn, Bertulf
  • Ninja - Ametrine, Sapphire
  • Morlovia (Costume)
  • Magic - Anastasia, Sergei, Anton, Dolgoon
  • Underwild - Griffin, Mack, Tettukh, Zila Lei, Poppy, Helo, Gramps
  • Starfall - Marcel, D’Ande, Whacker, Candy
  • Slayers - Maeve, Noril, Orla, Cilian

Lol honestly, there’s been so many new heroes lately that I haven’t been able to give em all the time of day I wish I could; still haven’t found use cases for a lot of em (vs what I already have). But I do have at least one of em all leveled

However, my 2¢ on what I have found [for me personally]:

Ninja Tower

  • Ametrine - Only 4* to dispel before hitting, so solid for that alone
  • Sapphire - Best ice 4* hitter
  • Shale - Sucks :face_vomiting:

Magic Tower

  • Dölgöön - like Gunnar/C. Gunnar rolled in one :smirk: great 3*
  • Kornel - Probably great for the attack up/defense down, but just haven’t given him the chance yet
  • Sergei - Great for those without Panther, and nice for his Tarlak abilities [in purple] alone. However, he hasn’t seen use in my roster yet (I know, I feel shame)
  • Anton - Another I haven’t used, but being the only 4* reviver, and loving my Alby, I imagine he’s pretty game-changing
  • Anastasia - The only one of these I don’t have high hopes for


  • Griffin - If I need to deal with Counter-Attack, paired with Jackal and maybe Mist
  • Tettukh - Mana control for Rush
  • Helo - Cleansing/healing in ice 3*
  • Gramps - Only reviver in 3*, and only passive mana gainer too, so solid if you can compensate for the speed
  • Poppy - Just :heart_eyes:
  • Zila Lei - Idk if she’s as good as I’d hoped…
  • Rokkamush/Mack/Morris/Vollermork - Haven’t used, nor do I really care to, as they don’t seem all that great to me

Slayers of Fell Shadows

  • Maeve - Defense down :heart_eyes:
  • Noril - Great in 3* Tournies; Slayer stacks are insanely helpful
  • Aodhan - Nice for 4* Bloody, or Rush
  • Orla/Cillian - Rush I guess? Haven’t given em as much play as the 3*

Starfall Circus

  • Marcel - New defense down vs blue Titans
  • Eichelborg - Solid defense down vs green Titans, esp if you don’t have Wilbur
  • D’Andre - Gets left behind, as I have Wooly and Gullinbursti I use more, but without them, I imagine he’s a pretty stellar healer
  • Whacker - Idk, I like this dude for tile damage and massive attack down
  • Candy - Only healer in holy, but haven’t used her yet tbh, as her heal doesn’t strike me as awesome as other 3* healers

Clash of Knights

  • Aderyn - Same as Candy, except purple, and way too new to have tried out yet
  • Bertulf - I imagine I may use in events? Idk yet. Great replacement vs Wu against Titans (if you’re sick of him)
  • Ferant - Seems like the best counter-attacker around, but idk for sure yet
  • Wren - Probably a solid left wing hero [defensively], but again, idk for certain


  • C. Frank - Costume hasn’t seen use, but I like the uncostumed version for VF, so he’s good for that alone; a bit like Sumle with a powerful defense down

Interesting observation @dhenning! If that is the case, I may switch to using more Slayer heros when doing my tournament battles! I’ll need to test your observation for myself! Maybe during next week’s 4* tournament! I’ll keep you posted!

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@Shunt @Hatshepsut I typically carry no more than 2 of every 3* and 4* hero I find worthy of leveling. I tend to focus more on my 5* heros unless I need to power-level a 3* or 4* for a quest, event or tournament. Otherwise, I do like I’m doing now and do a roster refresh to level new heros I’ve picked up over time!

I agree that I still lean a lot on my S2 heros more than anything else! As I said, I’m a creature of habit! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Hahaha! :wink:

@Pike @The_Seeker I’m in the same boat! I don’t have all the listed heros, but I have most. I also have not had time to focus on any of them, but I will over the next week or two. My overall opinion based upon what I have read is similar to your @The_Seeker. Now, I just have to test them and adjust my teams to take advantage of their specials and increased stats!

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Thanks for the input @Homaclese! Your guidance and observations have influenced my playing style and decision-making considerably! I regularly use heros I never would have pulled out of the closet based upon your posts! I’ll definitely give these heros a run! :wink:

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Excellent list @RandaPanduh! I have all the heros you listed on my list except Eichelborg. I tend to use my Wilber+20 in most cases! I’ll use your list to prioritize my leveling! Thank you for the thoughtful and thorough feedback! :wink:

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Imo, I still prefer Wilbur over Eichelborg for his spirit link (+ I have a level 23 mana to compensate)

So tbh, you’re not missing much

& You’re welcome, although, I should’ve shortened it all by saying:

Best off leveling all 3* except Vollermork and Morris, and can leave out Rokkamush, Mack, Zila Lei, Anastasia, Eichelborg, Shale and maybe even Wren [for 4*].

…but needed to illustrate my own thoughts before coming to that conclusion first :sweat_smile::joy:

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For me I only ever saw Sergei as EDD since I never got Panther, but his second skill is great as well. I’m someone who never does dupes but I feel like Sergei is the first hero I can really see a use bringing two of against a titan to keep both skills fired at him always

This is the reason I hate Wilbur, i don’t like shared damage play, so the second I got Eichelborg I got him up and I’m about to give him all of Wilbur’s emblems and retire him forever lol.

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I know many do dupes but I only have a dupe viv that I started to level very early when I had no other yellow to do.

Otherwise I keep 5* dupes for HA and hope for a new way to use them in future, I feed all 3-4* dupes.

Now that I’m running 3 TC2 nonstop I’m finally getting through leveling all the heros I’ve kept. My 3* roster is totally done save a couple I’m finishing and when I get by Ulf again I’ll have one of every 3* in the game leveled. Im missing 8 4* and I have about half of them finished, and I’ll be working to level all of those as well, though near the end I may have to leave a few at 3/60 for mats.

I realized I got to the point of being ok for wars etc with the 5* I have and since the pool of 3-4* is so much drastically smaller the collector in me saw it was achievable to just finish the complete set of heros and see what all these options do to my play.

As I mentioned above Sergei is the first hero I see a legit need to work on a dupe of for titan hits.

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It’s not just the 4* Slayers. The 3* Slayers are, if possible, even more powerful relatively. Most 3*'s are generally too weak to kill a Slayer, and its quite likely that the 3* Slayer will obtain its 10 stacks.

Not to mention both of them are pretty darn good anyways.


Interesting, here are my thoughts with a disclaimer that I use non support 4* and 3* heroes only in tournaments and events for the most part:

  • Knights - Epic (Ferant, Wren), Rare (Aderyn, Bertulf)

Will definitely use Bertulf in the latter stages of Mythic Titan. Already maxed Adelyn and Bertulf and levelling Ferant and Wren. Wren seems kinda underwhelming IMHO - weak damage and attack down isn’t my favorite debuff. But Ferant certainly has potential.

  • Ninja - Epic (Shale, Ametrine, Sapphire)

Ametrine dispel before hitting is great. Have her at +20. Sapphire I only use in 4* tournaments / events but she’s OK there. Shale sucks. Period.

  • Morlovia (Costume) - Epic (cFrank)

Its a shame the mana boost is just 1%. Had thought he could be a mini Skadi but he’s too slow and damage too low to be effective against the Beras and Freyas you see everyday. That said, like vanilla Frank, he’s awesome in VF Tournaments. Not planning to emblem him, but if you have emblems to spare, he could be useful in Rush Wars as well.

  • Magic - Epic (Anton, Anastasia, Sergei), Rare (Dolgoon, Kornel)

Have levelled all of them. So far only Sergei (+18) has been finding regular use for me, in Raids, Wars, and Titans. Sergei + Rigard + KH = Love in Raids. Throw in C. Tiburtus if you are feeling nasty.

  • Underwild - Epic (Griffin, Mack, Rokkamush, Tettukh, Zila Lei, Zenobia), Rare (Helo, Gramps, Morris, Poppy, Vollermork)

Zenobia is a great 5*, wish I had her, LOL. I have everyone else, and maxed everyone except Mack and Helo. Mack because C. Boril and C. Cyprian fire much faster with the mana boost, and Helo because I think Frosty’s minions are more effective than the cleanse in a 3* environment.

Of the ones I have maxed, I only use Poppy. Everyone else is underwhelming to me.

  • Starfall - Epic (D’Ande, Eichelborg, Marcel), Rare (Candy, Whacker)

D’andre is one of the best healers around. That mana boost is always welcome and the defense flip is very useful against the ocean of Freyas and Morels. Have him at +18.

Marcel hits HARD. Pair him with Almur and a third green to take advantage of the debuffs. Have him at +18 too.

Haven’t used the others much, I find better utility in the other heroes of that color.

  • Slayers (New Addition) - Epic (Orla, Cilian, Aodhan), Rare (Noril, Maeve)

All Slayers are awesome when paired against similar starred heroes. I regularly use them in Tournaments except Bloody Battle. Have LB’d +20 Noril and Maeve both, and have Aodhan at +18.

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glad I could help @JAWS1 :slight_smile:

re Anton, good question. I think I would keep max of 2, for Tower events. with 3* and 4* I keep a maximum of 2 each, so far I’ve fed away 3rd Rigards, Sabinas, Boldtusks, Kirils, Melendors, Lady Woolys (even if I have their costumes!)

But if I ever get a 3rd Anton I may reconsider… if I ever get a 3rd Proteus I would think about saving the 3rd :slight_smile:

Candy, I feel timing is very important to use her to the best.

Will come back and share about cFrank :slight_smile:

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@Gregor.Jax Your list compares to mine which is based upon everyone’s input! I was able to pull Zenobia from the last Underwild portal and I am finally leveling her after recently completing Elizabeth! I need rings to fully ascend her, but I’m excited about the prospect of adding her to my Red team once leveled and emblemed!

Sergei, Marcel and D’Andre I expect to see a lot of time in 4* events and tournaments. The same goes for Bertulf for 3* events. I definitely want feedback on cFrank as feedback so far is not great!

The Slayers see to be OP at all levels (5*, 4* and 3*)! I plan to work on them first to utilize in all of the different 4* and 3* events. I was only able to pull one 5* Slayer hero, Cathal, who I’m leveling now. While he will get use in my roster, I see myself using the 3* and 4* Slayer heros more!

Thanks for the feedback!

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