Question for my tank

Hi i have some good heroes and can make many defensive teams. That said i am a little weak in raids and with my defense. I think this is because of my tank. Here’s my team and my heros list. Who do you think i shoud put in my tank position? Thanks

You could try Lianna Grimm Hu Sabina Sonya. If you have ascension materials for Gravemaker, max him and he will be a very good tank for you. If you don’t have all mats for him, max Kashrek, who is also a good tank.

In general, you would need a high defence hero as tank, preferably average or fast mana. Flanks (left and right from the tank), should be heroes supporting the tank, Grimm with defence debuff and average mana, Sabina with healing would help your Hu to do some damage and survive. Wings are for fast mana heroes, as they get less tiles hitting them during a normal battle, slow heros will seldom fire their special on wing.

It looks you are working on many heroes at the same time. You might want to pick a rainbow team and put same color feeders into them: you maximise xp out of your feeders and you get a team up to max to get most power out of them.


It’s not your tank or any other reason but focusing on 50 different heroes instead of 5. Bring the best up to their max or you are leaving yourself open to have stronger teams destroy you.

Best of luck!


Sabsy Ela Kiril Khan Lia

When epics maxed
Kiril Tibs Li John Boldie

When legends maxed
Sabsy Li Gravey Lia Mag


Thanks for the answer guys

One minor suggestion in addition to the excellent recommendations made by @Olmor

Magni is better as a flank so that his defense buff covers the tank, and covers three heroes rather than two; perhaps swap with Lianna


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