Question for mods

Hey there @Rook @Kerridoc @JonahTheBard

The usefull info about the game is much and scattered and sometimes forgotten all over the forum.
I have in mind - when time is available - to make a topic in which to add in a couple of posts all the links to other usefull topics - mainly for me, but for all who will want to check it out.

Question is:
The important posts can be edited only by me and the mods? Is there any way to let other edit it too?

One day ill quit the game and forum; dont want this data to become outdated/forgotten.
forgotten - can be partially dealt with by pinning the topic
outdated - only if a mod is commited to update it frequently after I aint

reference: looking at the @Mai topic that becomes outdated as time passes; and its only the loot and stats…

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I thought such a “gathered topics” already exists? Just a sec…

Hmm, maybe no. I’ll make a new topic and link when done.

EDIT: still creating, but it now exists:


Ok. Bookmarked it.

20 links

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You mean this one?


Thats for newbies. I am more for what a seasoned player wants to know for a week from now event, for like recruits2, etc

just go the bookemarked/piined topic and its all there; no search needed, no scrolls etc… especially when on the phone and tiny screen (compared to the monitor/4k tv :smile: )

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I know Boolz. I have often been asked for HotDamnMess’s new farming guide for Season 2 (work in progress) and I have to go digging. Same for Anchor’s Hero guide. I know it’s there. I’d just rather have all the links in one place lol

i think it can be added

as a link ofc; like this HotDamnMess’s new farming guide for Season 2 (work in progress) >>> just did a link for the link inside the link :rofl:

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The version @_John_Doe linked above doesn’t have all current data, but this one does:

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ty. bookmarked it :slight_smile:

and here is the link updated HotDamnMess’s new farming guide for Season 2

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==Reference section ==

Many forums, running different software, have a Reference category ( Staff/ Mods/ Regulars only post, all trust Levels read ) with links to topics/ copies of game topics be the originals are still available for replies from lower trust Levels ( I would link to an example but then this post would be hidden by SPAM flags ).

I know ( has a “copy topic/ reply” and several different sticky/ lock options for the reference category.

But as user I have found software to be vastly superior. options ==

A reference category is mentioned in discussion of how Sticky topics should work. But I am not sure how the forum software would implement it.

Looks like software documents are triggered by using the feature, which dors makes new feature research difficult.

Public read/ restricted write sounds like the type.


But to part of your answer in the OP: we can lock the thread, which then allows only staff/mod additions, but you could still edit your posts. That might be the best approach to keep that tidy.


Thank you for suggesting this! It’s a really outstanding idea.


@Kerridoc On a related note, I actually wonder if this thread should be closed, since the new list is born:

@_John_Doe do you want to keep this thread open too?

Guess you are right. We go with Rooks’ solution and make the best of it. :wink:


@rook is doing the work there, so I’ll leave it to her.


This thread was Boolz’ “Question to the Mods.” If the Question has been answered, this thread can be closed. :slight_smile:


Agreed. :slight_smile:

20 close