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Hi everybody. I am in need of some advice, but let me first give some backstory. I am part of a really great alliance called “The A Team”. The leadership is great, the people are awesome, and we are a decent scoring alliance with a score of just over 96k. The issues are, we only have about 12 really dedicated players that carry most of the load. We also are only able to keep the alliance at about 25/30 capacity. We want people to have a good time and enjoy themselves, but myself and the other top players of our alliance also want to get better and break into the top 100. All that being said, my questions are:

  • What are some tips for getting the alliance up to capacity at 30/30 with some good players?
  • How can we go about slowly creating an alliance that takes it a bit more seriously and allows us to get into the top 100?
  • Am I just being an absolute jerk for complaining about a relatively great alliance?

Thanks in advance for any and all great tips you may have. Definitely feel free to add more information that I didn’t even think to ask about. You guys are the best!

For ourselves, we communicate plainly what our expectations are (daily hit the Titan). Apart from those who tell us they will be gone (vaycay), we have a two day rule. On the second day, we kick people who have failed to hit the Titan.

This seems very harsh, but we are serious about wanting active daily players, and this enforces it.

Note: It is hard to fish for new players, so be prepared to do the work to get them. I would not kick if I was down to 25 or more, since incoming players might judge us by the lack they see. It’s a balance thing. Kick, bring in, kick, bring in. :slight_smile:


Rook has the right idea, communicate what you would like from them.

Some options to consider for gaining members:

  • Alliance Recruitment Chat
  • Alliance recruitment Post on these forums
  • Be active in peer support, forums, etc and build a reputation.
  • Be open to Mercs (They usually don’t stay forever, but I’ve gotten some for a few weeks)
  • Alliance Merger - you aren’t the only alliance who wants more active players. Seek out another alliance with 5 or more great players and bring them on-board. Or join theirs.

Good luck, it’s not easy.


Thanks for the advice Rook, it is much appreciated. We have a similar rule about hitting the titan and try to enforce it as best we can. Some people will tip-toe around it by hitting the titan on auto-play or hitting every other day, which is frustrating.

Also, do you enforce any rules about defense teams or trophy count? We have players with great hero lineups that put zero effort into setting up a good raid defense or attempting to increase their cup count. I feel bad even now as I sound like a crazy person, but it definitely does hold the alliance back.

Don’t get me wrong, we have nothing against a new player that is putting in the work to get better. We actually love those players because as we invest in them, they eventually become great additions to the team.

I thought about making a video for this, but I didn’t want to see pretentious by doing so.

If other people want to get advice on how to run a successful alliance, please let me know.


Are you gonna include the blueprints for the Zero-robot? Thought we were keeping that secret!! :wink:


@Tallman you might wanna take at this thread that @ZayneVos has posted.

we are in the exact same situation you are in @Tallman.

maybe we could do something like a merge and have the top 12 -15 players in both alliance be in the major league team and the newer players can be in the learning team.

So that way everybody wins.

Happy Gaming :slight_smile:


Would love some advice from experienced leaders… :smiley:

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Thanks @DivineDevil for the response and for reaching out. I am not the actual leader of our alliance, but have been with it since the beginning. I will put it out to the others and will let you know. What is the name of your current alliance?

Thanks @Anchor. That would be awesome!

As s for me I make sure everyday my game family are ok, always checking make sure they have a way to get ahold of me either game chat, line app, or u also set up a game email. Communication is always key no matter what the relationship is games friends ect… I also have a fun off the wall group with chat I interact with them as if I am a member, and I always give them the credit why the alliance is were it is at. A leader starts it but the players make it.
Just how I run mine.


We have a three day rule and over the month we let ppl go mostly while they stoped communicating. From time to time we set the needed cups higher. It started with 500 and now we’re at 2000. It was helpful to get dedicated players. And we did a lot in the chatrooms.

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We don’t enforce defense teams, or cups.

We have two rules:

  1. Don’t be a douche
  2. Hit the Titan every day (one can be kicked for missing 2 days in a row or “going thru the motions” hitting every other day for a while).

It’s best to keep directions simple and logical; players have lives and jobs and stress. I want the game to be fun for them so they want to participate. :slight_smile:


Lots of good stuff here, but I wonder if you all don’t need help. Help from SG, that is.

I think there are many players who don’t come to this forum; or there are many who gave up on unsatisfactory answers and complaints and all the troll baggery.

The little mail drop from SG is a way to shout out to people about the community. Use it.

Hey @Tallman. The alliance name is Rebel Forces. @ZayneVos is our leader. We also have our own discord channel to help ppl out

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