Question for a defense


I would like to have advices about my team defense. My team 1 is not bad but neither of the heroes are fast and i lost a lot of raids because of that. Right now i do not have a big army. Just decent one and i am not sure how to change my team 1 even if it low the general power of the team.

Which heroes should i improve first?


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Sabina,Grimm,Tiburtus,Kashhrek and Grave Maker.
Sabina=healing, Grimm=nice hitter on 1 and some damage to nearby enemies and defense down, Tiburtus= nice hitter to one and some to nearbys and defense down, Kashherk= AWESOME tank and heals him and nearbys also GREAT defense against fire, Then there is GRAVE MAKER 1 of the best in the whole game. Remember its way easier to max a 4* than a 5* and maxed 4/70 4s are mostly better than a 3/70 5. Than being said Grave Maker works good at 3/70 and GREAT at 4/80

Obakan - Lianna - GM - Magni - HuTao

Thanks for thosz advices

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