Question feeding 1*

Hi all!

Im tracking something since 1.3v and i wanna know if anyone else notice that…
Im usually use the 1* H to attemp to lvl Up the habilitity feeding one by one, its allways works really good, but since 1.3v i use arround 300 1* and not lvl Up even once so, anyone notice that or its just a bad streak ??


Hi Pawn,

check this Topic.

Is it the same?

can you check if both Topics should be compined?

Oh i see, looks like im not the only one with this problem, i Guess ill stop feeding until debe say something… Dont wanna stack my heroes at 3.60 with special at 3/8…

I’ve got Grimm 1-40 with 1*s and he’s Skill 1 still. Haven’t count but that is like 100 heroes.

I’ve got Delilah 1-35 with 1*s, still skill 1

Boss wolf 1-35 to 2-20, skill not increased.

Either some glitch or we are all extremelly unlucky?

I guess the fact that so many players complaining the chance to level the skill decreased somehow, indicates that something was changed. Otherwise we would have such topics before, right?

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Im agree @Sorsha

I only hope they say something…

Yes, it’s the same, but for some reason, the Forum won’t let me combine them.

I’m closing this thread. Please continue the conversation here:

Hero not leveling

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