Question: Factors for moving up to next Titan

I am sorry if this is found elsewhere. I have looked but only found things regarding how rewards work for Titans. My questions is NOT regarding rewards.

What all factors in to getting the next level tier of Titan to arrive? I was under the impression it was as simple as, for example: beat x amount of 4* Titans in a row & move up to a 5*. However, I was recently told that the faster you get a Titan out the faster you will level up. Not meaning that it has ANYTHING to do with the clock or respawn time. This was implied as the game will basically see they are too easy and give you the next level sooner kind of thing. Example… Let’s say you usually kill 3 of a 4* Titan and then get a 5*… This person was saying if we knock out the Titan in, let’s say 2 hours, the respawn time may not change but now we may only need to kill 1 instead of 2 more to move to next level Titan. Is there any information on this? Is this a fact? Is there anywhere that lists what sofcifically all factors in? TIA

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