Question: Elena plus Wilbur and Counterattack

  1. Yes. I’m thinking you mean the spirit link here has been dispelled by you rather than the defense debuff being removed (cleansed) by the other team because the spirit link stays even after they cleanse the defense debuff. Since spirit link is up on your team, the damage reflected back would only be calculated from the portion Elena + flanks received (which was already reduced because of the def up).

  2. Yes, in this instance the attacking team would share the damage taken by the counterattack on Elena + flanks.

  3. Yes, their actions take place in the order written on the card, so damage first (which would be countered and shared potentially if the respective status effects are active) and then the buffs are dispelled. Someone like Kage would dispel first, and damage after.

Just wanted to add the link to some common E&P Terms in case that helps!

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