[Question] Does a dead sorcerer’s board matches still proc Delay?

[Question] Does a dead sorcerer’s board matches still proc Delay?

Special skills can not be used by dead heroes.

But crit and attack stat from dead heroes still effect match/ board/ physical damage ( physical damage when attacking).

Does a dead sorcerer’s board matches still proc Delay? Similar talents like wound and jinx?

Pretty sure most dead people used to be talented, but by general acclamation they are not so talented now

I don’t know definitively the answer to your question, but I would be surprised if talents count from beyond the grave

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I haven’t seen a dead hero trigger a talent (other than Fighters, where it’s by design.)

UI/Game Logic:
I think you’re asking because you’re thinking about tiles “assigned” to dead heroes.

Think about Defense instead.

Would you imagine that a wound could randomly be applied by a dead Barbarian on Defense? That seems hard for me to believe would be in the design of talents, so I assume it wouldn’t happen on Offense either.

You seem to agree.

So I guess the question is why would other talents work differently? How would damage buffs work on Defense for a dead hero?

I took this to mean the effect was triggered before the hero died. So in that case it would still last the duration of the effect even after the hero has been killed.

This is really weird statement… Most people were probably very average.

By definition most people are average, on a bell curve, so very few are actually average

My statement, which was meant in jest could have been better expressed as:

Most people who used to be talented but are now dead, are no longer considered talented at things they are doing right now

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It shouldn’t trigger it and i never saw doing it.
Still i can’t be totally sure.

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