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I have magni drake sartana gravemaker alberich and gregorian…full…what is the best formation and order please?..sorry for english…

I would put those in order: Alberich(has to be in left side, since if he manage to revive someone with full mana, that hero use his speacial also in that round), Magni(defence for Alberich), Gravemaker(best tank from those, at least I think so :wink:), Drake and Sartana


Yep, that is the correct order. Have fun with it!

Thanks a lot…

I would join this thread
Could someone tell me how I should set up my defensive team?

At the moment I have: A-Joon, B-Obakan, C-Kashhrek, D-Magni, E-Horghall.

I managed to find the last missing item for Lianna, so I plan to put it there. In place of E. Should I replace Kashhrek with Horghall now? Who should get out of the team? You have some thoughts. I will be grateful for any advice :slight_smile:

Second question. I managed to get HotM for the first time (Aegir :))
I understand that he should go to the middle as soon as possible, how to set the line up then? I do not know if I understand his skill well, but should not the guests with a different color stand next to him, so that the 3 colors would heal? (The Caster and nearby allies heal 100% of the normaln damage they deal to enemies for 3 turns?) That would have punctured Magni from position B and D and it seems to be a necessity …

My thoughts, however, are directed at the team:
Sorry for my English :wink:

Very good team my friend…i think joon aegir lianna magni obakan…nice formation…sorry for english

But now lianna obakan magni joon horghall

Never put a relative weak sniper in the middle Branda…

Of those i would do the following:

Lianna Magni Horghall Joon Obakan… lol

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Good point…

Ok, thx :slight_smile:
And when will I make Aegir? For whom and where to put it?

  1. Lianna-Magni-Horghall-Aegir-Obakan/Joon
  2. Liana-Magni-Aegir-Horgall-Joon

I would choose option1. Horghall is really tough in the middle.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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