Question: compose defense team - possible to reach (and stay in) diamond?

Hi folks,

with the following heroes available (maxed if not stated diffenerntly):

5 star: Evelyn 3/70

4 star: Triton, Grimm, Rigard, Kelile, Danzaburo, Kashhrek, Scarlett, Chao, Hu Talo 3/60, Boldtusk 1/7 (got him yesterday)

  • Any chance to reach (well i reached it 1 or 2 times already, but was kicked out faster than i could blink) and stay in diamond arena?

  • If not, what do you think is the best possible defense team to stay as high as possible (and continue to try to get in…)?

I tried several things with Rigard as a tank and Kashhrek as a tank. My cups are between >2000 and < 2350…

Thanks in advance,


I think thats the best you can do right now and will stay that way until you get a good 5* , more choice in your maxed 4* rooster or some key 4*.
( I recently got Proteus and he does wonders for my offense. )
I am in more or less the same boat ( with About 14 maxed 4* and stay between 2000 and 2300 Cups without really trying.

Kashrek defenitely is the Right tank for you at the Moment.
I would try something like:

Scarlett - Grimm - k. - Triton - Rigard

This gives you some color sysnergie and gives the Ki Minimum Chance to mess up. :slight_smile:

I would leave Hua Tao at 3/60 since he seems suppar to the other vanilla yellow 4*'s.
Boldtusk is great. Wish I had one. :slight_smile:

When Evely is maxed you might replace Kashrek with her.
This should improve your chances for Diamond.
Since I dont have a usefull 5* ( Quintus and Mokk-Arr ) I dont have experience with that change but I am waiting and hopeing.

Wish you best of luck and lots of fun.


No way to stay in diamond with that (not tryin to be rude).

I couldn’t with Caedmon / Magni / Leo / Boldusk / Rigard, all maxed.

I can now stay in diamond cause maxed Santa has replaced Boldusk.

Imo, impossible to stay diamond without at least 3 x maxed 5*. That’s what I think from my own experience. And it depends of wich 5* you have.

Diamond is a perpetual war, far away from platinum tier. Far far away…

Good luck anyway ! & you can still try, doesn’t cost anything :blush: so just have some fun !


Thanks, didn’t really expect that it is possible with what i have at the moment.
May i ask: If the challenge in diamond is so far away from platinum, doese the same hold true for the possible loot?

I keep trying to get in and/or kick some at the lower end out… :wink:

Nope, diamond’s loot sucks lol.

That’s why a lot of “big team” stay in high platinum, cause getting a chest in diamond is way harder than in platinum but the loot ain’t really much better.

Of course it’s SUPPOSED to be better, but the reality…

Try ! I mean, stay in platinum, manage your fights to get a diamond chest then get back to platinum etc. This way you can stay in plat but enjoy the awesome (LOL) diamond’s loot

Thanks for your answer. Will try with your suggestion (haven’t tried this so far) to see how it does…

Typical diamond chest (got it right now) :

115k food
120k iron
4 x 1* stuff
5 gems
3 blue token for new talent grid
1 grey token


I’m in diamond now (almost one week) with this :slight_smile:

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That’s a good team lol, of course you’re in diamond with that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Without at least 3x 5* maxed heroes it is not possible with your current roster to defend your way in diamond. Take your time to gather and level more heroes.


i see, so it’s not so much more than in platinum…

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As others have said, probably not with your current roster.

However, once you’ve made it into diamond a couple of times you’ll find it becomes easier and easier to get back in.

I think my first entry to diamond was about 4 weeks ago after almost 6 months of playing and I spent the best part of 2-3 weeks yo-yoing in and out.

Now just 4 weeks later I can stay in there 90% of the time or when I do drop out it’s now very easy to get back in.

Could you show your team please.

The best you can do in my opinion is

Kelile Triton Kashrek Rigard Chao


  1. Triton buffs the healing aspect of kashrek and rigard and they are both the best tank as 4 star
  2. Triton also attacks as a moderate sniper
  3. Kelile is good as 4star sniper and dot
  4. Chao reduces mana and snipes
  5. Rigard and kashrek heal themselves and each other great
  6. Rigard removes negaitve status from kashrek (and all others)

-Evelyn is good in attack not defense
-Scarlett is a glas canon. Not good in defense
-Boldtusk is ok but not matches. Also more good in atk
-hu tao… In my opinion he is not good in anything.

But as everyone say its just a small time that you can stay. You will lose over night so fast you will drop 100 to 200 cups.

I had that a long time with
kiril boldtusk tibs melendor wu
They where anything i had. I did pretty great attack raids, but sucked down in every night xD

Once you get some better heros it will be easier to stay in diamond. I’m in diamond like 2-3 days, then platinum like 3-4 days, back and forth through each month, and I do zero raiding, it’s all from defense.

Current team

Team before that

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yes this sounds so familiar… loosing 100 - 200 cups each night after figthing hard all day long.

you haven’t mention Grimm, why not him in defense line up?.. . Your setup looks interesting haven’t considered chao on defense
yet… maybe i should give him a try…

Kind regards,


  1. I prefer a rainbow team because so you dont have disadvantage or the enemy has no advantage in colorstacking.
  2. Grimm is good but the lack of defense is like scarlett. Hes ok.

Saw 5 maxed Li Xiu as def and wasn’t able to take them down…
I never got more than one special fully charged.
My team was way stronger. (~300)

5 yellows calls for a heavy purple stack, 3 at least.
In this way you wouldn’t have to worry about charging specials (at first) but just match puple tiles to open a breach and then wreak havoc :slight_smile:

Heavy stacking is always a aquestion of luck and one needs a variety of well leveled heroes of the right color and also troops. Otherwise tiles does not give enough damage and/or heroes die.

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