Question about WuKong

I have pulled a second Wu and I was wondering if it’s worth levelling both? Would they stack if I played both together?

No, they do not stack. But having a second one can be great for the wars.


I think it will be useless and enough to use one special skill. But in case one will be dead during game then you can use second as spare and use his special skill.

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One on a team is plenty, but in wars you want six teams.

Whether Wu2 should be your priority is a different question, though. What other yellow heroes are you holding? What are the other heroes that you’ve leveled?

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Wu is amazing on attack and can give you major points in an upset. I love using him when I double on yellow in the 2400+ trophy range. I’ll level a 2nd to 60 for Wars.


I have Li at 3-60, which is where I will plan to leave her I think. I have Joon at 4-65 ( Man these 5* take forever at the last stage) and Wu at 2-30 and Chao L1 and my other Wu L1. I have been focusing mostly on feeding my yellow 1/2 to Joon to finish him. I am thinking of switching to finish Wu now that I have enough orbs and leave Joon where he is for now. What do you think?

Since the new Wu is brand new, you could just feed him the 1* yellow and give the 2*+ to Joon. That’s the kinda thing I’ve been doing since I have so many to level in each color.

After about lvl 25, the 1* become less effective


Take your first Wu to 4/70 before even maxing Joon. 4/65 is acceptable but wu on 2/30 not.


Agree with @havok333 and @Luiz – I’d feed yellow 2* and trainers to Joon to get him to 4-70, while feeding yellow 1* to Wu. When you get Joon to 4-70, feed all yellows to Wu to max him.

(I’m assuming you have something else useful to do with your other color feeders. I am a purist and always feed same-color to keep the 20% training bonus. I have a lot of heroes that I want to level, and that’s the most efficient strategy, albeit slow for any one hero.)

After you get Joon to 4-70 and Wu to 4-70, then go back to giving your yellow 2* and trainers to Joon, while starting another yellow project. You may have gotten something new by then, but otherwise I’d go for Wu2 if you care much about alliance wars, or Chao if you don’t.


Thanks everyone! Great advice, I think I will feed Wu first then finish Joon. I am the same @Kerridoc I feed my same color heros only. So I’m working 5 heros, one of each color at a time. Is slower process but feel it’s better in the long run.


Dear All
I have a question, whether is worth to ascend WuKong to tier 4 ?
As tier 3-60 stats: 587/515/824 vs tier 4-70 stats: 707/620/992

yes, yes, yes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If your going to do a second take him all the way. He is a squishy monkey…

They don’t stack
But imagin having x2 Bold maxed and X2 Wu maxed
To use them in 2 teams at war.
I’d love 2 have 6 Wu s for my war teams.
Sad I only have 2 Wu s

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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