Question about World Energy?

So I’m looking at my quest page and I have to wonder about the amount of World Energy in the game. Between the four items on the page (Collect Gems, Mount Umber, Trials of Nature and Springvale Tournament) there are 264 WE flags required to complete them. As new events and quests have been added to the game, has there ever been any change to the amount of world energy granted to players to accommodate the increasing demands of the game on this resource? I realize that at least in part WE limits exist as a mechanism to manage server load and generate income for SGG but it seems to me that some adjustments would be beneficial to the game.


Assuming you sleep 8 hours, there are 16 hours during the day when your WE regenerates. That’s 96 flags plus the amount regenerated after night. IMO it’s more than enough to complete mount umber, collect gems and class quest. Springvale lasts for 2 weeks so it’s a lot of time.


The max amount of WE you have available at one time is based on your player level, so as you play for longer, managing WE for Quests gets easier.

You also tend to start racking up WE Flasks easier as you play longer. (I currently have 57.)

Additionally, WE amounts for Springvale were reduced from last year. So yes, it appears the devs have also taken that into consideration.

This is, above all else, a resource management game.

In all aspects of the game, you have to decide where to spend limited resources.

In this case, I think that’s actually a pretty easy decision:

  • Trials of Nature ends first and we’re a chunk of the way into it, so presumably you’ve already started or completed it; certainly do this first

  • Mount Umber is next up as a priority, with guaranteed ascension mats for completion, and you’ve still got 33 hours to finish

  • Springvale is a priority, but you’ve got 7.5 DAYS left, which is enough time for 1,080 flags…plus we’ve had almost a week already for it. That can fit in around other things without any risk of not having enough flags, unless you repeatedly take a few days off from playing during it.

  • Collect Gems is a ton of WE for a small number of gems. It’s nice to get them, but you certainly shouldn’t prioritize that Quest over the others. So if you can do it too, go for it! But if not, I wouldn’t sweat it.


The amount that you can bank certainly is dependent on your player level. But the gain rate is 1 WE every 10 minutes for everyone. The total gain per 24h period is 144 WE, absent flasking.


Yes, thanks for clarifying. I meant the effective usable amount, since most people have some flags unused when sleeping etc.

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It does seem like there is never enough WE but one thing I’ve learned … it’s like watching for a kettle to boil - it’s better to go off and do something else in the meantime!


…or just do all the things.


Cant agree more with @zephyr1 you should prioritize what need to be played and what to skip, the only downside with so many quests for me that now i need more time to fill up my monster chest, i used to fill them twice a day except on Atlantis days
currently i have 42 WE so it gets full sometimes when i wake up depending on how many hours i slept that night
for me the quests that i do
all trials
all special quests (challenge, seasonal, ascending materials, etc…)

the ones i do partially
Find recruits (only level 1)
find recruits II (only level 1 and sometimes level 2 depending on other factors; other quests, atlantis, …) and if it got troop token i complete it
Gain EXP (i usually finish the first level and save up my flags for other mission,quest, farm)

the ones i check
find battle items I & II (will check if there is an items i need)
Find crafting item I & II (usually skip I and complete II for the roots and dust)

the ones i skip

ofc i dont stick with all of the above, but i never skip any of the ones i said i will complete and the others i might do and play them on auto play, or just before i sleep to burn all my flags as soon as possible without using tickets