Question about troops and AR

So I’m wondering if I make a 10 pull on troops (1600gems) or if I just buy 16 refills (46we) during AR and farm troops/mats which will give me more XP from troops?

I know there’s the RNG factor in both, but does anyone have any idea?

That’s a good question.

Fwiw, I’ve never spent any gems on troop pulls. So I’d definitely buy refills. Even if you only get say 3x 2* troops per refill, you gain extra XP and crafting mats during AR.

And wait until Ninja Tower to pull any troops, since there is a better chance to get 4* troop.

Yea no, I just started wondering about this since my alliance mate was talking about doing a troop pull, and I recommended 16 refills instead and came here seeking answers from the smart people :smiley:

I was analyzing troop’s drop rate compared to HA troop’s training:

With that numbers what you can expect for 16x WE refills? (= 736 WE flags)

  • 49 troops, 12x 2* and 37x 1* which means 12 x 90 + 37 x 40 = 2560 XP
  • when Atlantis Rises it’s +50% (for 3 WE map stages), so 3840 XP

10-pull of troops can get you around 2200 XP (9x 3* and 1 x 4*). So if you are interested only in XP then it’s better to use the gems on WE refills (during AR even more) and you’ll get a lot of other things too. Little downside might be that you won’t get any new 4* troops and you’ll need more food/XP when training with lower * troops. And you’ll need quite some time for farming the extra 16 WE refills too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But it’s always good to have options!

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