Question about Titan squad

Hi, i doesnt get exactly what i supposse to have on titan, i mean does 3* hero with good skill is better than 4*, i will tell you what i have atm and i will be glad for any suggestions ofc just for the titan rest is not so important IMHO

4* - Rigard (puprple), Skittleskull (green), Hu Tao (yellow), Colen (red), Scarlett (red), Sonia (blue)
3* - Bane (yellow), Valen (blue), Berden (green), Prisca (purple), Nashgar (red)

I will be glad for any sugestions, thx in upfront :slight_smile:

The choice depends a lot on how far you’ve leveled up these heroes. A fully developed 3* is likely better than an early-stage 4*. Without knowing how far your heroes are developed, it’s hard to judge. You mostly have a solid group. Rigard is your only healer, so he’s going to have a place almost everywhere.

Some thoughts about building a Titan team, greatly informed by the wise posters in other threads:

  1. An optimal team has a mix of skills. Deviation is common, but it’s best to know why you are omitting one or more of these:
    A. A special that reduce foe’s attack or (better yet) defense,
    B. A special to increase your team’s attacks
    C. A healer
    D. Some bite to deal serious damage
    E. Ideally someone to remove foe’s buffs
  2. Your team will evolve over time.
    A. 3* heroes are pretty easy to get to max. It’s not a bad strategy to build a solid 3* team before starting on 4* heroes’ development.
    B. 4* require a lot more feeder heroes and some rare ascension loot.
    C. 5* require a mind-boggling amount of feeders and very rare ascension items. I strongly recommend holding any of these you draw (happy day!) until you have completed a solid 4* team.
  3. Ideally you develop some depth on the bench. There are five colors of titans, and ideally you’d have the bench to swap out the weak color against the Titan for the strong color. For example, on a red Titan you’d ideally want to double blue and omit green, while against blue you’d omit red and double green. (Some triple or even quadruple on the strong color.) Balance considerations may push against this ideal.

All 3* are maxed, and all 4* are before last upgrade

Ofc i know i suppose to have some hero increasing my team attack or reduce enemy defense as well but as far as now i got just those heros.
Basics ofc i know but i have bit problem with details, thats why i was asking someone more experience what he will take for titan.
For example Colen or Scarlett
Valen with good skill or Sonia
Slow Hu Tao or Bane

Fast single hitters > slow aoe hitters vs titans. More specials and more damage per special

Lianna - Horshgall? Sure.
Magni - Isarnia? Yes.
Joon - Justice? But of course!

Sartana - Quintus? Uh, maybe.
Marjana - Elena? Don’t so sure anymore.

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Well ideally. One to boost your attack like Boldtusk or Brienne. One to drop titan defense, like Grimm. Gormek, Tibertus. One color specific defense lowerer like Jackal, Falcon, Panther. A healer if you don’t use Boldtusk. Then opposite colors to the titan. Avoid slow damage to all heroes like Skittleskull and favor fast single target heroes. Scarlett is nice too, lowers the titan attack. At higher levels titan hit really hard. They can two shot a level 80 even with protective items.

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Would you max Falcon before Scar for a Titan team?
I have both at tier 3, and can’t decide who to level first.

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Falcon is really good as part of a red pair, e.g. linked with Scarlett or Marjana. As a solo red, Falcon has a low attack stat compared to Scarlett, so I’d be inlcined to go with her first, then come back to Falcon to create a great team.


Falcon is very good with 2 other reds against a green titan. Doesn’t look like you have the roster yet to build your attack team per titan color. So I think Scarlet has more general use for you. Her attack stat is really high. Better than most 5* heroes at 80. Her troops hurt a lot and that debuff really helps on survival, unless she gets killed before she casts. She is a bit squishy…

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And one additional advantage of Scarlett is that she can charge her attack quickly. I’d say go for her first.

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I do have Ares maxed to protect her, but she is my only red hitter.

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