Question about tiles falling after special move

I often watch youtube videos to improve my game. Some high level players fire off their special moves (like guardian jackel) and it hits the Titan and some tiles fall without the player moving them. Are there special heros that do this? Or does this happen by the player moving them before the special attack is done?


There’s no point in waiting for special skill animation to end before moving tiles. Every second is precious when fighting titan. So yes, they just fire special skill and immediately move the tiles. I’m not aware of any special skill affecting tiles.


It is done by the player. You can move tiles even before the animation of the hero special ends. This way they save precious seconds in titan battles. :slight_smile:


Very helpful. Thanks PK!

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Perfect. Thank you.

Nearly 20 Characters

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Absolutely, and you need to quickly decide before you fire off those fancy animated specials which tiles you’re going to be moving.

I can usually do it blindly, through the animation.


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