Question about the skill tree

If this is can be shared; how much of a stat increase could give a weak—say 2* hero? Im wondering if it could turn Layla into a viable 3* hero for the rare teir of events. I think she would be a good asset if she could, and I held onto my maxed 2* heroes for sentimental value and I was wondering if I could make them viable again someday.

There should even be a “cosmetic” hero change outta here… Id really like to put a Layla skin on my Sartana to then use a Richard + Elena + Vivica + Layla + (? Bane/Joon or something) team

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I don’t know if we can talking about it, and i don’t know if something can change, but last time we saw the class jobs, to “upgrade” a hero you need as requirements both maxed level and maxed special, as long as “class coins” something that i guess is rewarded same as ascension items or atlantis coins.

This pretty much meaning class coins probably don’t rain from the sky, and you surely think twice before wasting them on a 2* hero.


Suggestion: let’s not discuss this here and now. We saw a very preliminary design in beta, but it was pulled after extensive feedback. We have no idea what will be released at this point,


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