Question about the rules and process regarding chat bans


Hello SG:) first let me say that I’m an active player and especially enjoy the chat option in the game. But recently, it seems several are being banned from chat. I see “the rules” pop up from time to time, but it’s very subjective and has no specific guidelines. I won’t ask why players are getting banned. I know you won’t devulge that information. Instead I’m asking what the process is? Can players object to a ban? Especially if reported message is not offensive? Is your system for reporting an automated system…and players then get a warning/banned? I’m truly trying to understand as there are 2 that have been reported and both are the kindest most helpful souls in AR. Thank you for your time.


I edited your title to make it clear to people that you were steering well clear of forum rule 14. I hope you don’t mind, but in light of the last thread, it seemed prudent.

And a note to everybody: please, let’s not get this thread locked by discussing individual cases or decisions.


Thank you for editing!


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