Question about special skills timing

Hello everyone, i wish a good start to the new week to you all!

I found a behavior that I would like to have confirmed by you.
The following scenario:
Some of my heroes have got blinded by enemy (such as Justice / Drake / Joon).
After that, for example, I fire Kunchen first, whose special part of defense lowering can still miss. But then he removes the blinding from him and allies. Nevertheless, afterwards fired heroes miss when you trigger the specials quickly. Or triggered stones will fail (dismiss). Do I really have to wait for the end of the animation of Kunchens Skill (or any other) before taking any further action?
For most things this is not a problem except it takes longer - but especially for the Titan, where you only have 90 seconds anyway, that’s a game stopper.
Am i wrong with my surveillance?

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no you dont have to wait for the cleanse to happen, i always fire quickly same as you mentioned
the only way that you will get a miss is if the heroes against you got dodge talent or skill (Inari, margret)


I am quite a speed player myself, meaning I fire away my heroes one after the other instantly, I enjoy the animation affects when there all activated at the same time. Got a few great screenshots from them as well.

But I do it because I understand computers thus this being a coded program it can only do it’s business based on what order you press them in and can’t over ride shots in front of the chosen hero before it. So each hero will already have done there thing long before animations have finished thus why we are wanting to be able to use tiles through the titans animation.

As for the titan speed shooting is important to shorten the animation process because the animation WILL overlap over another. So waiting for each one to finish is only delaying your playing time.

The trick to that is placing your offense team in the order in which you will want to fire them based on skills so you don’t make mistakes.

Hope that doesn’t sound to confusing, lol


No no, not confusing, exactly what i’m doing.
I’ll try to screenshot or video the described behaviour.
When i dispelled blinding with Kunchen and use GM afterwards, enemies

  • without dodge abilities/buff
  • reflect buff
  • resistence against burn

should have GMs burning DoT. But i recognized “dismissed” messages, and enemies haven’t had the DoT.

May have talent dodge not buff

FWIW, evade will avoid the direct damage but still receive the DOT. Also, I think that miss, dodge, and evade display different text when they happen.

Sorry to ask the obvious, but do you have Wu Kong or Ranvir on your team?

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Since you’re firing the specials quickly and the animations take some time to play through, could these missed be from Kitchens hit? Since he’s blinded before his cleanse, his defense down can miss. He has this chance to miss in all opponents so you technically could get 5 misses displayed.

I’m not sure about this part of your statement. Do you mean that after all specials have been played - including Kitchens - that tiles on your next move also miss? If so, are you making moves while Kitchens animation is still going? Could these misses be attributed to my previous statement?

You don’t have to wait to fire them and the miss you see it’s because Kunchen misses the part about lowering foe’s defenses. Or Kunchen missed or you caster him afer other heroes.

This would mean it’s better to fire him off last instead of first.
I have never this issue because I have always fired him last.