Question about special damage (title edited for clarity)


Greetings to all who wish to answer me. Quite recently, much has been written about reducing points from 4 * 5 * heroes. As we were told that it is simply fictitious for war. and does not bear damage to the hero in his skills.then answer why I bought Sonia with low damage yesterday. I want to be compensated for this deception. I don’t need Sonia with low damage.


Value change with level special
First heroes 1/8 => 310%
Second heroes 8/8 => 345%


I highlighted the problem why the first card has a Sonya damage of 345% and the second card has a damage of 310% answer on the topic and not on the hero leveling



I ask to answer on the topic and not on the hero leveling.Why is the first card damage 345% and the second card damage 310% answer on the question. Thanks a lot


@Olgavit The answer of @Mariamne is correct, but could have been explained a bit better… :slightly_smiling_face:
The damage will go up as Sonya’s levels go up… it functions this way for many heroes. The damage difference you see there is correct and has nothing to do with the point reduction that recently took place.

BTW, if you are not completely aquainted with the mechanics of the game, I don’t think it is okay to title your post with ‘dishonest’…


Other example
Alasie with special skill level 1/8

Alasie with special skill level 8/8


Last example

Values change with level special skill
Heroes start with 1/8 and maximum is 8/8

Each ascend give 1 point and level up could give 1 point.
Example 20% chance to have 1 point


@Olgavit There are two different levels being discussed here. The first is the character level (1/1, 1/40, 2/50, 3/60, 4/70). The second is the special skill level (1/8, 2/8, 4/8, 8/8). As those levels go up, the damage % will also go up.


you want to say that while it will be 310%. and then on 8/8 will I see the inscription by 345%? and the picture will change? in the description of the damage? I have already pumped Sonia on 8/8. and initially she stood Description of final damage 345% on 1/8. Values ​​in the picture.



It’s a bit difficult to understand what you are referring to. I think you get that the damage at special skill level 1/8 = 310% and at level 8/8 = 345%, right?

Are you also saying that the damage on the description on a level 1/8 Sonia was 345%? If it was, it was most likely an error in the translation/description. In that case, her damage at 1/8 was not 345% - it only said so on the descrtiption, which was an error.

The values in the picture does not support what you seem to be saying, and I don’t understand what the latest hero roster picture is supposed to show.


Yes, we are talking about an error in the description. When I get another Sonya with a description of 1/8 for 345% damage, I will return to this the meantime, thank you all very much for the explanations. I apologize for not correctly describing the error. (error in the description of the damage strength 1/8)


С ростом навыка растет процент урона. 345 для Сони на 1 уровне навыка быть не может. Без повышения до последней лычки также не достигается максимальное значение навыка. 8/8 на 3 лычке будет меньше 345


I’m talking about this and saying that in the description of Sony there is an error in a special skill, here is a screenshot of my first completed Sony 345% damage


The second Sonya does not reach 345% at 8/8 she initially shows a low percentage of 310%


read above my friend I gave this message here Yes, we are talking about the error in the description. When I get another Sonya with a description of 1/8 for 345% damage, I’m




Please see below
Left is level of special.
Right is % the special does.

Level up Sonya normally and the % dmg will go up if the special go up.

1/8 310%
2/8 315%
3/8 320%
4/8 325%
5/8 330%
6/8 335%
7/8 340%
8/8 345%