Question about Slash attack damage

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I have two questions about slash attack damage as follows. I will appreciate if anybody answer to me.

  1. Does elemental damage affect to slash damage?
  2. Does offense/defense buff affect slash damage?


  1. Slash damage is not affected by the element of who is being attacked-if you have a green hero on your team, they will not get extra damage from a slash from a red hero. The only time element matters with a slash attack is if one of your heroes has an elemental defence down ailment applied to them and receives a slash attack from a hero of that element.

  2. Buffs and ailments on your team and the enemies team can affect slash damage-buffs like defence up and damage reduction on your team and attack up on the enemy team will affect the damage, same with ailments like defence down on your team or attack down on the enemy team.

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Thank you so much… :slight_smile:

Or if the attack team has an elemental defense buff.

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