Question about Seshat – if her Special Skill is 8/8 but she’s not at maximum power, is her Special Skill damage at max?

Now my Seshat is like that and she is Max skill. I have a question about her : a friend of mine say because is not Max 4/80 her shot is not at maximum power but I think her shot is Max and from now on i rise her only for life and shild. What do you think about??wich of us have right??

Her shot will be still 400%, but her attack stat will improve so she will do more damage with the shot.


The total damage done by Seshat is related directly to her attack stat. So yeah, the skill is at its maximum, so it deals 400% of damage, but if your seshat is not maxed, neither is her attack, and thus you’re not dealing the damage you could if you maxed (760 attack points vs the 537 you already have)


Her shoot is 400% of her attack, and her attack is not yet at full power, so technically her power is at max (400%) but the real power is 400% * Attack… So now 4*537 and in the future more.
So I will say she is not at her full power


And because the way the combat damage is calculated, this gap is even bigger than it appears.

Suppose your Seshat is aiming at a 4/80 (max) Guinevere, with Defense=778. The expected damage is

100 * (537 * 400% / 778)^1.35 = 394

When you’ve maxed Seshat it will be:

100 * (760 * 400% / 778)^1.35 = 630

which is 60% more than your current expected damage. Keep grinding!


Yeah, I didnt have the exponential formula at hand, I will pin it now :stuck_out_tongue:


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