Question about Richard

I just pulled him out of a single pull. I am kind of weak on blue.

I have

2x Grimm (1 almost maxed, other level1)

Kiril (3/21, seems useful hare and don’t have gloves currently.)

Boril (3/8)

Karil (2/25)

After I finish maxing Grimm should I start Richard. As I have read he isn’t the best but still a decent tank.

Given my blue situation, is this a valid argument to get Richard going?

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I really like him actually, I figured him as weak but once I leveled him and started playing with him he works out pretty good.

Although I wouldn’t put off leveling the second grim too long either of you already have a solid team. Grim doesn’t last long in defense any time I’ve come up against him, but is very valuable on attack and with alliance wars the more the better.

If you need someone good (although not the best) at all of it and not weak in any area then Richard is a good choice


I have one 8/8 4* 4.70 Grimm &. One each 8/8 4* 3.60 Grimm & Kiril ( neither of which I am using 3* ascension items on) which work well until I can l get Athena or decent 5* ( reflect red & reflect green will each add three new 5* hetoes)

Fast mana speed is king if you are 5* and aren’t a healer.

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Thanks for your reply. Looking at his stats he seems pretty solid. I’d prob only be able to get him to 2/60 initially. As I am starting to feel everyones pain about lacking Mats now. haha.

I use Boril/Kiril on defense currently. As you mention Grimm is more and offensive hero. He does that very well though. Use him with BT and Rigard usually along with Joon and Caed.

I think I’ll start Richard next for Blue

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You may want to consult Anchor’s Hero Guide for an additional opinion. :slight_smile:


If I were in your shoes, here’s how I would do it:

  1. Max out 1st Grimm
  2. Get Kiril to 3/60 (might take him to 70, depending on healer needs)
  3. Get Boril to 3/60
  4. Get Karil to 3/50 (do it before event starts)
  5. Try to get Alasie (new hotm) or Magni or Isarnia thru whatever means and work on them
  6. Get 2nd Grimm to 3/60
  7. I would only work on Richard if I had like 5 scopes and 7 capes and no fast/slow mana blue heroes.
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I most certainly would NOT level Karil at all while I still had those. Completing the first rank of challenge doesn’t get you anything. I would take richard to 60 before Boril because I would never spend capes on Boril unless I was totally f2p casual. You have grimm and kiril and richard, all of whom I’d rather have at 70 than Boril.


Don’t underestimate Boril. Used wisely in the right moment he is really great for weaker teams at raids and wars (I am not talking about defense!), as the opponents kill themselves one after another.


I was thinking of taking Kiril to 60 as well. Don’t think I have the mats to get him to 70 right now. I think I have every 4* healer. BT and Rigard at 3/60 waiting mats (Damn hidden blades and gloves).

Doesn’t finishing beginner in pirates and guardians give you a non-farmable ascension material? I think Avalon beginner gives a scabbard. I don’t list these things down.

Didn’t say Boril was going to 70. He can use that 3/60 Boril along with Grimm and Kiril on red titans until the next best thing comes along. Boril doesn’t deserve capes! :joy:

You have a few things you can focus on before Richard. You might luck out on the new hotm or a better 5 blue before you find the scopes.

I would rather have a 2nd 4/70 Grimm than a 3/70 Richard. And a 2/60 Richard is just meh.

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that makes sense, right now I could only get him to 60.

I am hoping to pull the HOTM, she would be welcome in my family. haha

I should be able to finish intermediate again with an outside shot at the upper level. I finished intermediate this past event to my surprise so things are looking good.

If you’re interested in goofing of with riposte boril is the better 4* to do it with, but otherwise he’s not going to positively influence your teams like folks are saying. I have boril at 3^60 because he was all I had over 3* in ice for 2 months. I throw him in alliance war teams against wu Kong otherwise he’s always benched.

I have kiril at 3^60 until I finish maxing Richard, then I plan to finish him too. And karil, I didn’t get valen until after I got kiril so I have him maxed but he dies way too fast. I use valen on 3* events, and karil on my 6th alliance war team sometimes (depends on if I double up colors or not).

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Kiril may be going to 3/60 next. I will have a lot of heros at 3/60 pretty soon. All missing pretty much only gloves. Outside of hidden blades for my reds.

I don’t think Richard would be a game changer but he is pretty tough as far as a tank is concerned.

Thanks for the tip with riptose and Wu. I hadn’t thought of that.

I did a single pull yesterday and finally got a Wu. Had him 1 or 2 times early on but thought he was crap so I think I fed him to Hu Tao or Li. Whoops!!!


Personally I’d power up Kiril first but since you already have Grimm almost maxed go with him first then Kiril.

Kiril is one of the best (only) def/att buffer + heals. He’ll save your in raids titans etc… he’s also a decent tank when maxed out at 4*

My team currently is Kiril - Grimm - Wukong - Natalya (3-70) - Kelile


I can take Kiril to 60 when Grimm is at 70. Still waiting for some Gloves.

My main team I use now is Grimm, Joon (almost at 70), BT (3-60), Rigard (3-60), Caedmon (going to 70 currently)

I didn’t think any of the beginner (soon to be called “rare” FYI) tiers gave a non-farmable. But I’m only 92.5% sure. They could have changed it while I wasn’t looking…

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Actually i think Boril in alliance wars may be really useful right now, especially on you 5th-6th attack, when you have to use your leftovers and face stronger teams.

I’m not really sure if taking him to 70 before perseus.

sure. for my 6th team i use boril or cyprian 60 and find a team with a few aoe. Sure.

But that’s a pretty narrow use case and even then i wouldn’t spend capes on him.

Richard is great as a tank! Id finish your Grimm and work on Richard above all that you mentioned. I win bout 80-90% of my AFK raids at Platinum featuring Richard as MT.

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Grimm to 4.70, Kiril to 3.60, then if you have capes 4.70, then Richard to 3.70… I would hold scopes but that’s me. At that point I would consider pushing the second Grimm to 3.60. Maybe think about Boril at that point assuming you have not picked up anything else new and interesting.

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