Question about reduced titan loot

My alliance’s next titan is due in 5 hours. If I go help friends with one hit on their titan, and come back - no loot- and fight ours, probably dead 15 hours from now or so, do I get the reduced loot in my own alliance?

I think so, but I’m not sure

You shouldn’t. I’d say try it and if you get reduced loot post a bug report.

The problem seems to be a fine point. Does it mean killing 2 titans or just hiting one and killing the other

You’re fine as long as your friends titan doesn’t die while you’re there.

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did you check that specifially? i doubt there’s an identifier that will remember the old alliance if you leave. It’s probably a flag that may or may not remember the same alliance.

I could not find any detail about it, what I do know is that recently a mate went visiting another alliance, no hits there, and came back before our titan died, his loot was not diminished

Yeah I was specifically looking to see what I could get away with.
I hit one titan that didn’t die then left, then went in for kills on two other alliances a few hours later, diminished tier became active on the third titan.

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After killing titan activated timer for 20 hours. In this period you will have reduced drop ( half of normal loot tier). Timer doesn’t refresh.

**thank you, it seems then it is related to loot and not hits itself

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