Question about red ascension

I am close to maxing BT to 70.

After him I have Flacon (3/60) and Nat (2/70). Then Lancelot at 3/39 and Kelile at 2/25.

I only have 1 hidden blade so Falcon and Nat are stuck. I do have Scarlet and Colen not started yet.

My questions is since I will be waiting on hidden blades for a while should I start Scarlet/Colen and get them to 3/60? I think for AW this would be the smartest move in expanding my selection of heros.

Thanks in advance for your input.

I’d level Falcon then Lancelot then Nat. Falcon is amazing whenever you stack reds, especially vs green titans. Lancelot has a great attack stat and good special, definitely better than Kelile. Nat is fine, but there are many better red 5*s.

Scarlett is the best from your pool of remaining reds (for attack). Lancelot is very much like Scarlett, just a different special. I haven’t used Falcon yet so I’m not sure how versatile he could be. Kelile is good for defense, Colen is good as a defensive threat (if maxxed)…

So it all depends on what you want… If you want attack I say Scarlett, then Lancelot. for defense you already have boldtusk, and he’s good on defense.


Lancelot, Scarlet to 3/60, than Kelile if you still will wait

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Perfect, glad I was going in the right direction.

As much as I hate facing Colen on raids, I can use another red hitter and Scarlet fits that.

I agree with @Wharflord Falcon is a must for titans. My brother uses it with marjana, bold and gormeck on green titans and it clearly makes a big difference with my team marjana, bold, gormeck and nat.
You can use it also for war and raid.
I’m not a big fan of scarlett. she was for a long time my single red and is behind of BT, Gorkmeck, Falcon, Kelile, Collen for me.

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If I had the blades Falcon would be going. But I only have 1.

I need a hitter in Red so I think I will go Lance to 60, Scarlet to 60 next followed by Colen if I am still waiting on blades.

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