Question About Raid Tournaments

Is it possible to come up against one of your own alliance members during a raid tournament or does the game not do that because they’re in your own Alliance?

Good question I can’t say iv come across any in my alliance tbh in the 3 years playing. So guess not

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I still have yet to experience battling an alliance mate during raid tourneys. I hope others can shed light on this.

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Just adding my own experience: in four years of playing I’ve never faced an alliance mate.

But… There are at best 29 chances in a million+ or so.
Let’s say we have had 120 (optimistic, it’s 110 but we want this post to be valid for a few weeks, also…) tournaments at 25 (optimistic) attacks each, that would equal 3000 ( … which is why I liked 120 :slightly_smiling_face:).
That means that each one of us has had at best 3’000 chances to get a 3 in 100’000 matchup.

The chances to get a team matchup - if it’s possible - are less than 8.6%.
As it stands, I feel we can expect to answer this question only if someone who reads this has actually faced an alliance member or SG staff tells us because the number of current forum posters doesn’t make it likely to statically “prove” something with very high confidence.

8.6% is a remarkably optimistic estimate (it’s certainly an excess estimate): you have 29 teammates at best (and just that cuts the maximum to 8.3%), you have played 110 tournaments at best (7.7%), you are unlikely to have played all of the 25 matchups for each tournament…
My only doubt is about how many players actually enter tournaments. That could change things significantly.

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Never experienced it myself but the alliance leader said they came up against one of our members and decided to flee.
@Petri - do you have a definitive answer for the OP

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Oooh, yeah. I dunno if it was the same but I read that somewhere here about the player who flee instead of trying to defeat the defense of a fellow alliance member on a particular raid tourney.

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I’ve seen it happen in our alliance. So, yes. You can be matched against people from the same alliance.

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Seen it personally or somebody said that it happened?


Yes you can indeed, Yuki from Sanada Maru actually was lucky enough to capture it on his recording here:


Ha! Awesome! Love the effort this guy puts into the battle.

I’ve seen pictures from my alliance mate who was matched with someone else from my alliance.

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Yuki seems to have an affinity for beating up his alliance mates. :joy:

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Hah. Imagine having tournaments as alliance versus alliance where the prize would be the book Good and interesting political fiction.

In a parallel universe with zero toxicity in gaming chats and where books would look like as a currency. Hmmm… Now I wrote it and think about writing my own book about the Universe like that.

Just imagine: you can pay for food and other stuff just by the units of read books by you. Sound cool, hah?