Question about old HOTMs – can you pull them using Epic Hero Tokens during Atlantis?

I’ve been told they’re only available during the Atlantis event however nobody I’ve spoken to seems to know for sure if during the Atlantis period you can only obtain them with actual Atlantis summons.

So my question is. While the Atlantis event is active. Is it possible to pull an old HOTM using epic hero tokens? Thanks :+1:

No you can’t pull old HOTM during Atlantis rise for tokens. Old HOTMs are featured heroes in the atlantis portal and you can summon them only for gems or atlantis coins.


Sorry no, you can’t use tokens to summon and have any chance at an old HOTM. You’ve got to use the Atlantis portal for old HOTMs, we will see who is up for grabs this month, but tokens won’t do it (other than Atlantis coins of course)


Bummer. Well thanks for clarifying! Appreciated!

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What’s the code for the game

Right left right left down up A B select start


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