Question about Norns

I’ve had Norns forever but never tried her on a yellow reflective event. I’m assuming her effect does not impact the elemental barrier, correct? It would turn the enemy weak against yellow, but do nothing to the barrier. Has anyone ever tried this?

It takes 30 seconds for you to try. :slight_smile:

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“reflect” means EVERYTHING is reflected: damage, ailments, stacks, etc. Norns would just kill herself if you tried.

if you wait 5 turns, you’ll be able to attack the yellow enemies because of the Starfall effect, but they would still reflect the yellow tiles, so it wouldn’t even matter at that point.

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Yep, I found this out the hard way a while ago with my Onatel when I thought, “Well, her special doesn’t hit that hard, and she’s pretty hearty. The mana control would still be worth it, even if I have to eat the reflected damage.” Imagine how badly it sucked when I found out that she not only took the damage from a hit-3 special, but she also allowed the enemy who reflected the damage to steal her mana! OOPS!

If Norns survived the reflected damage - she hits WAY harder than Onatel - she would be the one who was also made weak to yellow, in addition to purple. And considering that it would have to be a yellow enemy that reflected the attack, that would be… unfortunate.