Question About Mitsuko

Now i know she reflects blue special skills

What I’m not sure about is how exact the special skill reflect is.

If special skill says “reduces mana speed of target and nearby enemies”

Then if reflected wouldn’t it “reduce mana speed of caster and nearby allies”

Or do reflected special skills only effect the caster, regardless of how many targets their special skill has?

And yes i know in ss it only effected the caster, but curious if that is intentional

Looks like it reflects back to the caster similarly to how riposte counters damage back to the caster. Since both enemies have blue special reflect and Alasie’s mana slow targets both, both enemies will separately reflect it back at the caster, though only one instance of the debuff would show afterward.

It reflects the status effects back to the caster rather than casting the ability on the caster.

Just find it rather odd personally but if that is the intent of the special skill then it is what it is

Thanks for responding