Question about marjana

I think this is all resolved now, but just in case the ‘spent’ is unnecessary and led to the confusion.


My first Red 5*. sure, her attack stat and direct damage is lower than other snipers like Joon or Lianna. but she makes up for it by having more survivability through defense / health and the Rogue talent. I can count on her to survive long enough to do serious damage!

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Hi community thanks for your feedbacks and valuable times spent here . I mainly put this thread to check whether to put marjana in my defence team ( problem is vela as I need to hv 2 red heroes as I don’t hv believe in elakanen) I share 2 defence teams for your feedbacks ( now and future )


Like @Rigs said her attack stat is a bit off but she is very sturdy

Her sturdiness works both ways.

In a few close end-game encounters I have had Marjana dodge / survive a snipe with < 10 HP left and won the day with DOT.

On the other hand, I also have had end-game encounters where Marjana could not kill the last standing hero (eg. Mother North) with one snipe and that was the end for me.

So it sort of works both ways, good and bad. I do like her though but sometimes prefer to bring Magni.

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Having both a Marj and a max emblem’d Kelile, I do wonder which is better to use and so far I’m siding with Kelile? :frowning: Even though Marj has more burn effect and plenty of health… Idk, I’m torn on this? Especially on the thought of taking the emblems from Keli and putting them on Marj for an emblem’d 5* rogue class?

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Having two reds, especially together, is asking for heavy blue. Especially since you are proposing to remove green, which means blue stack is strong against 2 and neutral against three

Elkanen isn’t a bad corner, and the rainbow defense would I think be superior. Is this for wars or raids? For raids it probably doesn’t matter much. In wars I would love to see that second defense, as it means my mono blue has a very viable target, and the others on my team would exploit similarly

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Depends. Kel is very unlikely to stand up for herself in diamond arena, where Marj can hold her own. But having two viable fast burners isn’t a bad thing. I would just allocate future emblems to Marj

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Would go rainbow.

May look at swappin jf for marj.

But jury is still out on that, I’m raiding jf+Vela teams right now to make the same decision

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I’ve just got her at the last Atlantis summon. I was excited because I still don’t have any 5* snipers, and I believe she’s a decent card indeed. However, I did another pull and got Gravemaker… Still not sure what to do next, because I’m looking for my first set of rings soon. I know GM is one of the most popular heros, but with my limited roster and current game plan, I may first go with Marjana. Or GM with already maxed Kelile. Will see…

Without question, GM first, especially if you have a level 11 mana troop. But even then…

OMG! I saw this thread and I was like ; Marjana? if I met a girl with that expression my prayers would be answered! Marjana doesn’t mess around!!! She is all business!!!

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I am just maxing my second Marjana … have the first at +4… the dodge is useful.
Yes, the attack isn’t super high but a fast red sniper is really useful with so many green tanks around and Marjana is quite tough

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Who cares about silliness like stats and such when you are so stupidly hot? They gave the character that look in the eye that just invites questions!! Girls can look so perfect but be so far beyond grasp!!!

Agreed. Of all the females she is the one I would have liked to look like at age 25 ( I am multiples older is RL now)
Used her as an avatar for the first year or so


Borderline creepy now bro :wink:

You and me both i’m guessing! My username says it but younger people? Bless them all!

I know he’s great, but I’m playing just couple of months. So, it’s not like I’m going to be at the top of the game any time soon. Currently fighting in the mid of Platinum arena, around 2000 cups. Right now, I’m just trying to make 5-6 decent war teams. Nothing spectacular. But you might be right. I can make a combo with GM and few 4* red heros that I gave maxed.


Today, yesterday and tomorrow. After 2 months or two years. Always GM first!


And i would say to that, I think you are downplaying yourself. Coincidence!! Take those attacks on in! F’ the boards as they will not change in a meaningful way.

Cools! Will do, I’m just topping up the last few emblem levels of Guardian Jackal for now and then I’ll save up for Marj. :slight_smile: