Question about map level 17

When you choose to use the map Level 17 (Pass of Umbar) stage 6 there is a slight mistake. It says when you start level 1/3. But when you get to the last level there are 2 main monster instead of 1 main monster with 2 minor monsters. This is the only level like it. Must be a production error. Just my thoughts on that. Comment if you like :).

I’m a little confused about your question… Are you inquiring as to why there are two elite enemies in the final level of the stage?

From what I recall both stage 7 of province 8 and stage 8 of province 6 also utilized two elite enemies in the final stage as well.


2 main monsters is fine. They dont only use 1 main and 2 allies.

What I’m saying is when there are only 3 level of monsters at the end there are only 1 main monster and 2 minor monsters. When there are 4 levels of monsters there are only 2 main monsters at the last level. Does that explain what I’m trying to get across?

The difference in bosses between levels in the same province?

What you are saying is that when you get three levels, you expect one main monster at the end (with two lesser monsters), but 17-6 surprised you because it didn’t follow the norm?

I dunno; I call it flavor when there are differences. :wink:

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Exactly Rook :smile:. It is the only non-normal level in the whole map.