Question about leaving alliance – can the last member leave?

Hi I have a question… if my alliance moves to another to make a union of two alliances… the last member to leave the alliance… is allowed to leave? or the game does not let you go if because there must be at least one member left in this alliance? does anybody know this?


Yes, you are allowed to leave even if you are the last person. The alliance won’t exist after that. :slight_smile:


Thanks goodness hey, imagine being forced to be the last person standing.

How unfair would that be!!

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As far as i know, if the last member leaves it no longer bexists. Their are no consequences!.

But the scenario would be a bit funny, too.
Imagine you have to lure someone into your alliance just to set you free.




I AM FREE MUAHAHA - said every trapped genie, ever.

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OMG!!! I was so hoping for a video!

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