Question about Leaderboard and version of the game

What would happen if SGG releases another version of the game,
and in the meantime of the change from version A to Version B:
one player climbs to the top of the learderboard of raids. Buys a 7 days shield. Never updates to the new version.
Could he be on the top spot or around forever or he would be removed?

You can’t use raid shield if you exceed 2600 cups.
And if you don’t update your game, you won’t be able to play at some point. Game will just refuse to load prompting you to install the latest version.


I think OP is trying to also ask is >> when you try to attack someone with a different version, you can not you are told player has a different version. So if no one can attack said person how could he loose any cups???

The chances of a top player staying up there with no one attacking him are rare. He’d have to be online until everyone has updated and then go offline.

  1. World’s top 100 players can be revenged even if they’re online so they quickly drop cups by simply being revenged
  2. Human beings have to sleep so you will eventually go offline and lose cups by being raided. Except you construct some kind of robot that would tap the screen to keep you online :slight_smile:
  3. After update is rolled out for everyone and the latest version required to log in, the annotation about using older version disappears:

    I’m not sure, but maybe it’s possible to raid such player?

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