Question about LB costumes

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but after you LB and fully level a costume to 85, is there any benefit to also maxing out the level of the original version (if you don’t use it)? Not sure if the costume bonus only applies if both are fully levelled to 85?

This is my first time to LB a costume and I didn’t realise they were done separately :joy:

Only level the regular version if you will use it or you are really bored and have feeder heroes piling up with nothing else to use them on

Okay thank you! I foolishly fed the original all these heroes as I totally didn’t know they were LB separately lol, but will move straight on the costume instead :joy:

How many aethers will it take to LB a 5* costume? Same as regular version?

You have to limit break the main card before you can break the costume but then it only takes a tiny amount to break the costume (5 of the smallest aether for a 5* hero costume). It is similar to ascending the costume - you can’t do it without ascending the main but it is very cheap.

Also it takes far less xp to max the costume so they are quicker and easier to get to lvl 85 once you have broken their limit.


Significantly less.
3*: 5 (3*) vs 1 (3*)
4*: 20 (3*) / 5 (4*) vs 3 (3*)
5*: 35 (3*) / 20 (4*) / 5 (5*) vs 5 (3*)

But you have to LB the original first.


Thanks for the quick response guys

The other benefit is for the Ninja and Magic towers where you can use both costumed and un-costumed versions.

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Oh thanks that’s a good one, completely forget you can use both versions in Ninja/Magic towers!