Question about how to use loot items

How do you use your things


@Rigs I do think there is a language barrier here :roll_eyes:


Ummm what things?? I’m so lost…


Starting to think that as well…


But this y’all game tho you should no

I’m sure i know how to do whatever it is you’re asking

I just don’t understand what you’re asking


Now I think he’s just trolling you lol…

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Hi @Dashawnw12 and welcome to the forum. Almost all of us here are just players like you. The people who make the game do read posts and comment sometimes, but this is mostly players talking to players. We don’t make the game.

This thread is for the Crew family to find people who want to join its alliances. It’s not really for questions about how the game works. If you have a game play question, please ask it in the #gameplay-help-tactics section. Thanks!


I’ve gone ahead and split this conversation into a new thread.

Are you asking about how to use Emblems? Those are the round blue coins with symbols on them that you get from some chests and titan fights.


Time for the banstick


I think that the OP is asking what the various “things”are for that you get when you win a battle

Some are ascension items, which you need to ascend your heroes in the heroes tab, or to train more heroes in your training camps

Some are crafting materials that you use in your forge to craft battle items you can use to enhance your future battles

There are some other classes of “things” also like recruits and sometimes battle items that are already crafted

However, when you are asking for advice on a forum, please be civil or people are not going to help you. Some of the above posts are way out of line. So pull your head in when people are actually trying to help you

I think the OP is trying to troll or something :thinking:

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